6 Stylish Ways to wear kurti for family occasion

They say your unique style becomes an integral part of your personality and even the definition of yourself! That is why, fashionistas always suggest you carry yourself in the most stylish way you can. After all, this is why so many fashion trends are created every day and so many fashion shows are held each year.So, do you know your unique style? And when we ask you if you know how to style your regular Kurtis for women in multiple ways? Do you have something exciting to offer? If not, then here are some really cool ways to wear your Kurtis for women in different stylish ways, especially for the family functions you attend.

  • Kurtis with dhoti pants: Dhoti pants are trendy ,look stylish, and complements every attire you wear them with. So, we suggest, pair your dhoti pants with your traditional kurti and look mind blowing in this unique combination. For extra spice, pair a darker shade of kurti with a light coloured pant and vice versa, and then see the effect of your stylish wear. 
  •  Kurtis with shorts: – Short Kurtis for women look great with shorts underneath. It doesn’t only make you feel comfortable, it even looks perfectly matched with the shorter size of the Kurtis. But yes, to wear such an attire to a family function, you should be aware of whether your family approves of this Indo-Western style blended together. 
  • Kurtis with palazzos – If the family function is a celebrated one or a festive occasion, then you can always wear long Kurtis with loose fitting palazzos together. The level of comfort with this attire can be imagined. And if you want, you can pick an embroidered or heavily worked kurti that goes so well with solid coloured palazzos.
  • Kurtis and harrom pants: Harrom pants are again pretty stylish and look extremely cool over Indian tops. So, even if you pair these harrom pants with midsize Kurtis, you can slay wearing this combination to a family function. Just remember to contrast the shades of the pants and the kurtis, which ultimately makes it easier to impress the onlookers wearing this combination. 
  • Kurtis with jackets: Be it the small koti jacket or the larger shrugs, if you are wearing your Kurtis for women with jackets, you are definitely going to look great at the family functions you attend. There are the traditional bandhni jackets, the mirror worked ones, or the embroidered or laced shrugs, which pair with printed plain Kurtis so well and look out of this world together. 
  • Kurtis with scarvesYou are never short of trendy, printed scarves that look charming no matter how you wear them. So, if you want to create a stylish impression at a family function, wear such a scarf with your kurtis. You can drape it around your neck like a tie, carry it over your shoulder, or wear it like a turban, In any condition, this scarf will surely make your kurti look awesome and you appear more beautiful.


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