6 Things a Drunk Driver Can’t Do (That a Normal Driver Can)

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is considered a severe crime in the US. There is no getting away from the penalty if anyone is caught driving drunk. These drunk drivers are a serious threat to the other drivers on the road. They can’t be trusted to make good decisions when driving. The victims should hold the negligent drunk driver liable for the accident since they should pay for the victim’s damages. Hiring an experienced DUI injury lawyer should be the first thing on the victim’s priority list because only they can recover all the damages the victim incurred.

There are many things that a sober driver can do, and the same is not allowed of a drunk or under-influence driver.

Drive on the highway

Drunk drivers are not allowed to drive on busy roads, especially highways. Regardless of the circumstances, there is no way a drunk driver is allowed on these roads, and if caught, the penalty would be severe. So even if you are driving fine and pulled over by the law enforcers, if your BAC is above the allowed level, you are looking at heavy fines and penalties.

Drive a commercial vehicle

Drunk drivers are not allowed to drive commercial vehicles. Commercial or passenger vehicles, with or without people or cargo, are not to be driven by drunk drivers. The driver may lose their license and even serve a prison sentence if caught in DUI.

Claim car insurance

Claiming car insurance becomes complicated if an accident occurs while DUI. You would need an expert lawyer to help you in this regard, as the insurance companies might not cater to the request if they find out the driver was drunk or under the influence. Insurance can also be tricky for sober drivers because the companies know how to minimize their risks. Again, you would need a lawyer to help you, but getting a claim becomes impossible if the driver was drunk during the accident.

Claim personal injury insurance

Similarly, claiming a personal injury suit is also very difficult for drunk drivers, and in most cases, only expert DUI lawyers can help people in these matters. DUI accidents must be looked at from different angles, and getting a claim is not as straightforward as a standard accident.

Avoid legal issues

Drunk drivers have to face other legal issues, such as losing their license, higher insurance costs, prison sentences, and much more if they get involved in an accident. In addition, DUI is a crime, and if an accident happens and the driver is found drunk, the intensity of the crime amplifies. Therefore, different legal issues are clubbed together to ensure that the DUI offender is punished severely. You would need help from an expert lawyer to get away from such a situation.

Walk away from the scene after reporting

Once all the statements are recorded, and the police collect their initial evidence, sober drivers can walk away from the scene and back to their everyday lives. This, however, is not going to be as easy if a person is caught DUI after an accident. Drunk drivers may end up in detention and face other legal proceedings, which can be hard to get by without the help of an expert.

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