6 Things You Must Consider Before Buying Bar Fridges

Various features and design functions are built into the various kinds of bar fridges to increase storage, chilling, and organisation. As such, it’s essential to shop around for bar fridges in Australia that can hold all of your cold beverages and snacks.

1.   Size

When shopping for new bar fridges in Australia, consider the size one of the most crucial considerations. It’s useless if it doesn’t have adequate storage space. Bar fridges like the 42-litre model could suffice for a few beverages. In contrast, larger bar fridges like the 190-litre model are better for large gatherings that call for plenty of cold storage capacity.

2.   Doors

Make sure the doors of any new refrigerator you are considering open in a specific direction if it will be installed in a difficult-to-reach location. As such, if you’re looking for a fridge that can open from the left or the right, there are options for you. The doors of certain refrigerators are reversible and may be altered with extra rehinging kits, if necessary.

You can see what’s inside the bar fridge before opening it since many of the doors on these units are made of see-through glass. Some bar fridge glass door with glass doors include heated fronts that prevent moisture buildup.

Bar fridges in Australia are available in single door and double door models, with the top-mounted refrigerator section serving as a freezer.

3.   Aspects of Ambient Lighting

The inside of your bar fridge may be made more visually appealing by illuminating your stored food and beverages with high-quality LED lights. Your refrigerator’s inside illumination is a helpful feature, particularly in low-light situations.

4.  Height-Adjustable Racks

Adjustable shelving is an essential component when it comes to food and drink. Durable tempered glass is a typical shelf material for bar fridges of many sorts and brands. Alternatively, some refrigerators are equipped with wire racks and metal bottle racks, allowing for better airflow throughout the unit.

5.  Usability

To use a bar fridge, you open the door and reach in, right? Wrong. As with any industrial refrigerator, bar fridges must be cleaned and serviced regularly to ensure reliability and performance. Dust and other debris may quickly be drawn into the vents of bar fridges since they are often located close to the floor.

The refrigeration system on a bar fridge must be accessible from the front since they are often mounted against a wall or counter bottom. Having a problematic refrigerator to clean or maintain may shorten its lifetime.

It’s not simply because many bars have poor ambient lighting that your fridge must be able to show the fridge temperature clearly in low-light circumstances. For showcase fridges, such as bar fridges, the doors of the refrigerators are regularly opened. Because of the increased usage, the refrigeration unit is under additional stress, increasing the risk of temperature fluctuations and, as a result, the serving of lukewarm beverages.

6.  Presentation

In the end, a bar fridge is nothing more than a merchandiser. For the beverages for sale to be adequately displayed, your personnel must regularly disrupt the customer’s line of sight to the merchandise.

Because most bars and pubs in the Kangaroo Country have dim lighting, it may be difficult for a bar fridge to display beverages adequately. Meanwhile, quality shelf design and appropriate lighting are crucial components in this regard.

A bar fridge’s space must be adaptable enough to accommodate a variety of bottle shapes and sizes, and it must be constructed to optimise the amount of visible display area. In other words, the refrigerated unit must have less area than the shelf while the door frames obscure fewer products.

Sound follows: While this isn’t an issue in a busy bar or club, search for refrigerators with quiet fans if your front of the house has to be quiet.

In addition, the fridge should be appealing to the eye. It helps a lot in the modern bar environment to have a sleek façade with a variety of door, handle, and finish choices from the manufacturer.

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