6 Tips to Help You Find the Right Type of Strain 

Did you know that there are different types of weed strains? That’s right, there are subtle and sometimes more obvious differences that affect the only the scent and taste, but also the effect that it will have on you. It’s a good idea to do your research and understand what these strains are, as well as seek assistance when it comes to locating the perfect strain for you. Consider these 6 tips to put you on the right track.

Size and Shape of Buds

The appearance of the buds will let you know what classification it likely falls under. The three main classifications are sativa, indica, and hybrid. Sativa plants tend to be lighter in color and have long, thin leaves. They have an uplifting and energetic effect on a person, and it’s more of a cerebral high that comes with this. Indica plants tend to be darker in color and have leaves that are wide and broad. They produce weed that relaxes the individual and gives a full-body high. The hybrid plants are a cross of these two types and produce a unique effect and they vary in size and shape.

Smell and Taste of Buds

After you look at the way the buds look, notice their flavor and smell. The terpene profile of a plant gives you intense and more subtle flavors and aromas. The following are more of the common smells:

  • Citrusy – Many of these strains offer a reference to citrus fruits. They tend to be sativa and sativa-dominants.
  • Earthy – Weed that has an earthy smell is typically known as “Kush”. There are a few classics that are used today to create hybrids.
  • Berry – There are strains such as sativa and sativa-dominants that feature a berry type of aroma to them.
  • Skunky – Buds that feature this scent are more likely to be indica or indica-dominant strains.
  • Chemical – There are buds that smell like diesel fumes and some have a name that perfectly fits this such as Blue Diesel.

A few other options include buds that have a sour aroma and flavor, as well as those that are woody, spicy, and floral.

Determine Your Tolerance

It’s crucial that you identify your tolerance level for THC. People who are new to using cannabis should start out with a small amount and go slowly to increase intake if needed. It would be helpful in this instance to talk to an experienced budtender to learn how to go about this. Once you know your tolerance, you can buy strains that have just the right amount of THC content that you’d like. Since you can get anxious or be stuck on the couch if you have too much of a sativa or indica, it’s best to figure this out as early as possible.

Identify the Effects You Want

Figure out how you want to feel. For instance, if you’d like to be active and alert, it’s a good idea to look at sativa or sativa-dominant strains. On the other hand, if you want something with a sedating effect to bring about sleep or improve your appetite, you’d do well with an indica or indica-dominant strain. This is ideal to have at the end of your day when you just want to relax.

Talk to a budtender about different terpenes that are in a strain in which you have an interest. Even if you don’t want a crash course, it helps to know that certain ones can contribute to desired results. Myrcene produces a sedative effect and also can reduce chronic pain and inflammation.

Test Different Strains

It’s in your best interest to use a trial-and-error approach when it comes to picking out your favorite strain of cannabis. Write down the ones that you do try in a detailed record such as a bud journal. Many people do keep such journals so that they can narrow down what type of strain is best for specific purposes. Since everyone is different, this is a better way to help you know what’s the worst and best, rather than talking to other people about their own experiences with different strains. Even with this, it’s important to discuss what you like and what your concerns are with a budtender.

Where to Go for the Strain You Want

It’s alright to shop around at different weed dispensaries. You don’t have to feel obligated or locked into any one particular location. A great resource that will allow you to get information on where there are nearby dispensaries, their hours, and what they offer is Weed Maps. It’s certain to be of great benefit to you in your endeavors to find and buy what you need and want for Michigan marijuana. Give it a try today, and you’ll be pleased with the results, well on your way to getting the products that will enhance your life.

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