6 Ways to Boost Your Home’s Kerb Appeal

The demand for homes is hitting the roof with every passing day, and trying to find a proper good residence for sale is not an easy chore. Not many new homes are uncovered on the listings, with a heavy supply crunch hanging everywhere in the UK. This situation is easing out with people selling out their pre-owned homes for potential buyers. People are ready to make their Investments in pre-owned London properties considering the value it would provide in the long term. However, landlords of these homes have a hard time coming up with newer tactics to make their houses look appealing. One of the most demanding chores when selling a home is entirely changing the aesthetics and other components of the home. Performing these alterations will also affect the property value, and the chances of gaining higher rates when selling it again are also high. The best ways to magnify the overall curb appeal are as follows:


Visitors coming to home viewings for purchase will have a keen eye for detail beginning their inspection from the outdoors of the house. Individuals now are surveying for bigger outdoor spaces like backyards, gardens, lawns or a patio. Keeping this space clean and presentable would be a visual treat for people, as well as incredibly boost the property value. Mowing the grass and shrubs and removing the weeds is the best way to start off this process. Adding benches to the patio will further look attractive and add more value.


Anybody would get excited to get more than what was promised to them. Landlords with enormous properties might make some changes to their property to make it appear larger. Transforming extra rooms like attics into nice bedrooms will be a great addition that would enhance the living space. Unused garages can be changed into extra rooms that can be customised according to the buyer’s wish. Creating a dedicated working space is preferred by most residents now due to the hybrid work culture. 


When selling pre-owned homes, it is essential to make the house look new by adopting some techniques. Starting off with cost-efficient steps like painting the house with a fresh coat is one way to instantly improve the complete appearance. Using soft colours that look comfortable and soothing to the eyes would be good. Adding indoor plants will add extra brownie points, making the place look beautiful and pleasing to the eyes, and it will also improve the air quality within the premises.


Most of the pre-one properties in London would have been upgraded multiple Times by the landlord. When selling a home, make certain that all repairs have been completed thoroughly before conducting home viewings. Many sellers might overlook the minor flaws, such as loose nuts and bolts, scratched doors, scraped paints and walls, and so on. People take note of them all, and this type of repair may turn off the buyer. Once everything is fixed, the property will look more appealing and fit to buy.


Juggling with old elements of the ambience would only bring down the property’s features and overall aesthetic pleasure. Removing the old furniture and clearing the unnecessary clutter fibbing around the house is a much-required activity. Changing the curtains and carpets would also bring about a new vibe to the whole place and would undoubtedly make the buyer want to close the deal. Either seller can directly make these modifications or ask the Marylebone Estate Agents for any kind of assistance to perform the same.


Some exclusive additions can be done by the homeowner in their own interest without having to spend too much on it. If it is a period property of the Victorian build, a few fascinating additions like a decent door knocker, near the front door, porch lights, and more can be included. Adding benches and tables to the patio where people can spend quality time is a significant aspect expected by several buyers post lockdown time. Creating special offers will never go unnoticed by the buyer.

More pre-owned abodes are found on the listings in recent times. What differentiates these properties from one another is the type, size and how the environs go along with the buyer’s taste. A slight effort from the seller’s side would go a long way and help with selling their property in no time, with buyers having a satisfactory purchase too.

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