7 Advantages of Automatic Doors

Manual doors can be stressful and require high-level maintenance; technological advancement has brought about the invention of automatic doors, which covers the flaws of manual doors. I’ll share seven benefits of installing an automatic door.

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7 Advantages of Automatic Doors

1. Controls Traffic

Every business venture experiences a period where there is an influx of customers into the building: people coming in and going out.

Experiencing heavy traffic may breed insecurity and disorder. You wouldn’t want that. The best way to control traffic is by installing an automatic door, and you get to have both entry and exit doors open automatically.

2. Accessibility

Automatic doors favor everyone, both those who live with disabilities and other users. You can give your customers a good impression of your business by installing an automatic door.

Those with a disability do not need to struggle when accessing your building, they just have to get close to the door, and it opens, this can be helpful in your house.

3. Suitability

An automatic door doesn’t require you to push or pull the handle. Just as the name implies, you must get closer to the door, and it opens immediately.

Automatic doors are suitable for businesses like malls, where customers do not have to drop whatever they’ve bought before accessing the exit.

4. Conserves Energy

An automatic door is best for your business to maintain room temperature in the building. It conserves energy better than a manual door which takes at least 2 minutes to close and open.

Installing an automatic door opener will help regulate the temperature in the building, which reduces the cost of utility bills. Unlike manual doors, the risk of leaving the door slightly open will be avoided when an automatic door is installed.

5. Security

Automatic doors have in-built safety measures that prevent users from being trapped or injured. This is possible because there are sensors that detect the presence of an object from a good distance. Also, the automatic doors and controlled automatically; hence, unwanted visitors are prohibited from accessing the building.

6. Low Maintenance Cost

Manual doors require so much maintenance; this is not so for automatic doors. As a business, you spend little on door maintenance which may occur periodically.

Unlike manual doors, automatic doors do not encounter hinges, body parts, or partial closure issues. The versatility of automatic doors gives room to choose a suitable door for your business or home.

7. Complies With the ADA Requirement

ADA stands for American Disabilities Act which was enacted in 1990. This act stipulates that all citizens should be given equal privileges and convenience despite their physical or health conditions when accessing commercial buildings.

Installing an automatic door suits the needs of people with a disability. It saves them the stress of pulling a handle or pushing a door. They only need to close the door, either in or out.

Owing to technological advancement, manual doors may likely become old-fashioned within a short period. This points to the fact that installing an automatic door is the best shot.

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