7 Best Free Video Editing Apps in 2022 for Android & iOS

Long gone is the time, when people had to edit videos on desktops using costly software. The digital world of today has given the user complete control over video editing. With this greater flexibility, you can edit your Vlogs, game streams, or a podcast with excellence in no time. You just need high-speed internet and a reliable connection, and one such provider is just the match. With Xfinity internet prices being one of the most favorable for households and multiple other bundles and single deals for an individual to look for, Xfinity is the answer to a provider that comes with a fix for most. Read up on the following, a list of best Video Editing Apps for Android and iOS that every user needs to have to be able to edit videos and even learn to earn from such skill when the expertise is achieved.

Essentials to consider while choosing a video editing app

There are some essential features that you should always consider while choosing such apps.

First of all, is it compatible with your device?

In which formats (MP3, MP4. AVI, etc) does it export the video? What resolution videos can it process? Does the app provide the Green screen feature?

Some of the essential features that you should look for in every app are mentioned with the other top apps both available on Android and iOS.

1. Power Director

An app that has been handpicked by Google, offers you all the functionality you need for high-class editing. Power Director was originally a desktop software, but its developers have provided all its features condensed in the mobile version. With simple taps, you can trim, splice, and rotate the videos. It makes your content stand out in the digital world, with its 4k editing support and multi-track system.

2. I Movie

Do you want to edit your videos in a high-quality fashion, but cannot seem to understand the sophistication, Well! I Movie is the best solution. It brings to you excellent features in a simple interface, allowing even novice user to refine their videos. You can save time, by using its aesthetic built-in themes. I Movie takes away the worry of searching for songs over the internet, by directly providing users with free music. However, only iOS users can enjoy seamless editing with this app, as it is not available on android.

3. Splice

If you are an avid content creator on different social media platforms, then Splice is the perfect answer. It allows you to directly export the content to different social media platforms, bypassing the hectic task of adjusting your video for each platform manually. Splice brings its users a large free music library, from which you can browse thousands of amazing songs and sound effects. However, this app lacks one feature, it can’t edit 4k videos. To enjoy more features, buy the premium versions each of which comes with a free trial period.

4. Quik

Quik is the best option for you if you don’t have time. The developers have specifically designed it for time-saving during editing. It allows you to create multi-clip highlights in a matter of minutes. You can always personalize the video with text, titles, and filters. However, it ranks 4th in our list, because it doesn’t support 4k editing. It specifically caters to the needs of people, who want to create amazing videos in a short time.

5. KineMaster

Kine Master gives its users the freedom to edit their videos to precision. Using this app, you can edit the video frame by frame. It allows the same feature on the audio tracks as well. By utilizing its features of light adjustments, blending and chroma key you can create amazing videos easily. However, it’s slightly different from traditional apps, as it lacks the traditional timeline. Nonetheless, the app places a watermark on each exported video unless you buy the app’s premium version.

6. Film Maker

If you are a professional user, who often uses a green screen, then Film Maker will prove trustworthy.  It is an app that brings all the sophisticated and advanced video editing to your palm. In addition to this, you don’t need to worry as it supports 4k videos. In addition to this, using its built-in Audiometer, you can quickly add a voice-over.

7. Inshot

The best feature of Inshot is that it provides built-in templates for all social media platforms (TikTok, Snapchat, Insta, and Facebook). It has a very easy-to-understand interface, making the learning curve much steeper. However, Inshot doesn’t fall into the category of professional video editing, as it lacks 4k support and a multi-track system. If you want to find more inshot app info, you can visit this website.

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