7 Best Types Of Walking Shoes For Women

Walking is the easiest way to keep your body active. Notice how every time you walk, you feel good about yourself? That’s the endorphins and serotonin chemicals in your body that reward you for doing an exercise. Walking is just that easy. You aren’t too sore to not come back the next day, while you can get a good workout every day. With a wide array of walking shoes for women to choose from, picking the perfect walking partner can be tricky. We have curated the list of the best types of walking shoes for women so that you can walk in comfort and style every time.

  1. Motion control walking shoes- They are rigid walking shoes. Motion control walking shoes for women are designed for people that have overpronation. They are durable and equipped with a durable midsole to correct pronation. These shoes are not flexible and can be heavy. Motion control walking shoes for women come with a thick heel that provides cushioning to the heel while walking.
  2. Lightweight walking shoes- These shoes are made with lightweight materials to be flexible and agile. These shoes are meant for athletes, where the smallest performance gain makes or breaks the result. Lightweight walking shoes for women might lack cushioning as they are meant to be light, and they provide ample ventilation.
  3. Stability shoes- These shoes tend to have a thick heel and are meant for people with mild motion control problems. They give enough durability and support while being more flexible than a motion control shoe. They come with a dual-density midsole for added cushioning and support.
  4. Hiking and Trail shoes- These are shoes with a good grip for slippery and sloped surfaces. They provide good stability and protection from rocks. Trail shoes are designed to be comfortable and stable shoes for hiking and walking on undulating surfaces.
  5. Walking sandals- These are the comfortable go-to slip-ons that help you move from one point to another. Sandals and flip-flops are comfortable and are easy to wear, making them the ideal daily driver for casual walks around the park.
  6. Racing flats- Racing flats are mainly used by athletes, and they are incredibly light since they do not have a thick midsole, knobs, or lugs on the outsole. They have minimal cushioning, stability and durability but have lightweight features and an aerodynamic structure. These features make them the perfect racing walking shoe for women. Allow your body to adapt to race flats by using walking shoes with low cushioning before going for racing flats.
  7. Cushioned shoes- These shoes are made for comfort. With a soft midsole and highly flexible construction, cushioned shoes are for people who do not need extra support. People with neutral pronation tend to use this walking shoe more.

Here are a few  pointers to check while buying comfortable walking shoes:

Keep these pointers while you pick stylish walking shoes for women and ace your morning walk in style and comfort.

  • Choose walking shoes with good stability. It helps make that beautiful morning walk injury free and more enjoyable.
  • Try the shoe and gauge the feel of the shoe. Leave a gap of at least half an inch between the toe and the end of the shoe.
  • Rotate the shoe and inspect the sole. Does it have enough stability and traction for your feet? Walk on different surfaces to truly understand the outsole’s performance.
  • Flexible shoes tend to be more lightweight and responsive. They are built with mesh uppers for enhanced breathability to the feet.
  • Shop in the second half of the day, as your feet swell with continuous motion throughout the day.

How To Pair Women Walking Shoes

Pairing walking shoes is the easiest task. The versatile designs allow you to match walking shoes with any outfit, and you are good to rock the day. Pair walking shoes with joggers and a t-shirt for the morning walk.

Women’s walking shoes are the perfect walking companions that help you explore the world at your own pace. Slide into walking shoes, feel the snug fit lace closure, and walk your heart out. Pick walking shoes for women that mix form and function in the best way for maximum comfort and cushioning while you walk.

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