7 Gorgeous Hublot Watches Perfect for Women This 2021

What began in 1980 as Carlo Crocco’s single-watch concept, which for the first time combined a precious material and rubber, turned out to be a true revolution in the design of luxury watches. Today manufactures many highly complicated mechanisms, breathtaking chronographs, elegant sports watches, exhilarating jewelry pieces, revolutionary diving models, and a variety of limited editions.

Sometimes, women wear watches as a fashion accessory rather than a necessity, which may explain why they wear them on the right hand – to draw attention to their style. Instead of saying pretty or technical, Hublot has done both. First, it chose its tried-and-true mechanical caliber, the self-winding HUB1110, for a line of Big Bang watches. Then it applied the most advanced technology research to the pretty part – the case, dial, and strap – transforming what have generally deemed fashion fabrics into high-tech substances that meet all the demands of fine watchmaking. Here is the list of gorgeous Hublot watches perfect for women:

  • Big Bang Broderie

Lace is a type of fabric that can be deemed as the most feminine material in the world. Rather than attempting to print a lace-like pattern onto a base material, Hublot went to St. Gallen in the east of Switzerland, where most of the world’s great couturiers source their lace. There, it commissioned the firm Bischoff to design a bespoke lace of embroidered floral arabesques surrounding a skull – a pattern that perfectly fits the 41mm Big Bang case, covering the dial and the bezel with no visible break. The lace was then ‘embedded’ in carbon fiber by Hublot’s materials scientists without losing its richly textured appearance. The strap is embroidered to match – but it appears that this is the easy part.

  • Big Bang Broderie Sugar Skull

Many watch lovers are looking for the Big Bang Broderie Sugar Skull collection because it is so outstanding and exceptional. The Big Bang luxury watch was born to shatter established codes and has over time demonstrated its capacity to create originality. As part of its watchmaking offerings, it has used composite resin, carbon, and ceramic invented Magic Gold, and borrowed denim, a basic essential for our wardrobes. Hublot has removed the craft from haute couture, fashion, and lingerie to liberate embroidery from the fixed notions and traditional ideas that bound it.

  • Big Bang Tutti Frutti Linen

Then there was linen. Many people are unaware that, besides making wonderfully cool summer clothes, linen fiber in the form of advanced composites has recently been used for everything from surfboards. In its case, especially since, unlike its near-equivalent carbon fiber, it takes color very well. Woven linen looks great on the dial, too, but there’s a catch: linen fibers retain latent humidity during normal drying processes. And humidity is a watch movement’s worst enemy. It took two years of collaboration with Hublot’s specialist partner, bComp, to perfect the drying technique. It’s much easier to say than it is to do.

  • Big Bang Italia Independent Velvet

And now for some more ‘fashion fabrics.’ At the same time that the boys got vintage Rubinacci tweeds in their Big Bang models, Hublot gave the girls velvet. The headache was the same for both: those fabrics shed tiny fibers, which is another no-no for any watch movement. Coating them with a sealant was not an option because the fabrics’ texture and colors would be lost. Again, the materials experts came up with a solution, as evidenced by the velvet dials and strap inserts.

  • Spirit of Big Bang Moonphase

Although Hublot did not market this as a “ladies’ model,” it is unsurprising that with the wearable proportions of its curved 42mm tonneau case and its lollipop colors, it is being embraced by both men and women. The dials are milled from a specially developed quartz – silicon dioxide (SiO2) and aluminum oxide (AI2O3) – to show off the hand-wound skeleton movement (Cal. HUB1770), which can be colored by adding other mineral elements without affecting the material’s performance.

  • Classic Fusion Vitrail Automatic

This watch has a dial which is a metal framework filled with colored glass, similar to stained glass windows in churches. The technical challenge here was not the glass material itself, which, while impressively high-tech, was already being used in research labs to filter different colors and frequencies of light. However, because it expands and contracts in response to temperature, it is prone to breaking. As a result, an O-ring mounting system was developed, with each sliver of glass effectively suspended within its frame. Most likely because of the vibrant colors – and despite its hefty 45mm diameter case (in titanium or black ceramic) – this piece was purchased by nearly as many women as men.


Hublot watches offer a variety of classic and contemporary styles among luxury watches, making them even more desirable. Wearing it in any situation will make you appear more sophisticated and fashionable, as they have also produced high-end watches that are ideal for women.

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