7 Reasons Why Women Consider Breast Implants

It is no wonder breast implants are mostly utilized to enlarge a woman’s breasts. However, there are various other, occasionally surprising, motives for undergoing breast implant surgery. Board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Matthew J. Lynch understand the sensitive and personal nature of deciding to have breast implants. As such, Dr. Lynch is committed to assisting patients in addressing their concerns and attaining their optimal aesthetic goals through state-of-the-art plastic surgery techniques. Read on to discover why women consider East Windsor breast implants.

1) To Have Larger Busts

Increasing breast volume and size is perhaps the most prevalent reason for undergoing breast augmentation. Most women view larger breasts as a symbol of beauty, femininity, and youth. For this reason, breast augmentation is a good alternative for patients seeking to improve their entire appearance and physique.

2) To Reinstate Lost Breast Volume After Having Children

Pregnancy and breastfeeding could have a negative impact on a woman’s breasts, resulting in volume reduction. Breast implants could be extremely advantageous for ladies who want to regain their appearance before having kids. As part of a bigger mommy makeover surgery, Dr. Lynch frequently conducts breast augmentation in tandem with other surgeries, like liposuction and a tummy tuck.

3) To Boost Confidence

Self-perception unquestionably plays a significant impact on a person’s overall confidence. Having tiny breasts could cause most women to feel ugly, self-conscious, or masculine. Breast implant surgery could provide such women with a renewed sense of self, typically leading to healthier relationships and a more rewarding social life.

4) To Reinstate A Natural-Looking Appearance Following Mastectomy

For some breast cancer patients, a mastectomy could be the most appropriate treatment. During this procedure, your doctor removes your breast to prevent the cancer cells from growing further or spreading to other vital organs. After a mastectomy, some women may resort to breast implant surgery to reestablish a more natural body shape.

5) To Correct the Effects From Significant Weight Loss

For overweight or otherwise obese women, weight loss could be thrilling and should be commended. Unfortunately, it could leave women with breasts that are smaller and saggier than usual. Dr. Lynch combines breast implant surgery with a breast lift in post-weight-loss patients who wish to enhance the general shape of their upper body.

6) To Fix Issues From An Earlier Surgery

If you experience major asymmetry or other complications from breast surgery performed elsewhere, you should contact Matthew J. Matthew J Lynch, MD. Only a skilled surgeon can deliver satisfactory breast implant surgery procedures. Dr. Lynch will perform another surgery to address these defects and reinstate a more natural, uniform contour.

7) To Look More Youthful

One common cause of breast volume loss is the natural aging process. As they age, it is usual for women to have a reduced breast size and a saggier and droopier breast look. Breast implants, especially when paired with a breast lift, are reliable for restoring a youthful appearance.

There are numerous benefits to considering breast implant surgery. Dr. Matthew J. Lynch will recommend the implant surgery that best suits your needs, be it a reconstruction, reshaping, augmentation, or balancing asymmetry. Schedule a consultation today through mobile or request online to learn more about the different techniques and determine which one is appropriate for you.

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