7 Reasons Why Your Microwave Oven is Cooking Unevenly

If your microwave oven is not cooking evenly there are many reasons for that. Some of the issues you could solve yourself by making just a few tweaks. If you’re experiencing any issues that you are not able to solve, you may need to take it to the next level and speak to a professional. Read on to discover what you should do.

Problems with Heating Element

Commonly, the reason is due to something occurring in the area. Latest microwave ovens have two components: a broil and one that bakes. Both of them help heat the top and bottom parts of the range. If one of them is damaged, it may result in the cooking process going differently. In addition, if there’s an obstruction in the way, such as food items that are close to one of the components, this can also stop the microwave oven from cooking.

The Temperature Sensor is not working correctly

Another common issue is that the temperature sensor isn’t working correctly. The sensor plays a crucial function in controlling precisely how long and when the burner cooks, and if it fails to warm up and cool down at the appropriate times, this causes inconsistent cooking.

Feet Not Level

The bottom feet of the microwave oven may become a little off-level. It won’t affect cooking but could undoubtedly result in the top of the microwave oven heating differently than the bottom. It is possible to use a carpenter’s level to solve the issue. Use the level to check to ensure that the microwave oven uniformly rests on the feet. If not, you can employ the coin or something similar to set the feet to ensure that it’s.

Racks that are not aligned, Rack

Sometimes, the Rack isn’t placed in the oven properly. If you notice this, take it off and examine the sides to determine whether it’s placed evenly between the microwave oven walls. It should be evenly spaced and symmetrical. Otherwise, this could result in food being cooked in a way that isn’t optimal. This issue is usually found close to the hinges of the Rack. Therefore, be sure to check the hinges first.

Pans for storage

If people typically use larger microwave ovens, they view these appliances as storage space for recent pans that were cleaned or used. It may seem sensible; however, it’s the opposite when these items remain in, even while food is cooked inside the microwave oven. Remember that microwave ovens absorb heat by themselves. Therefore, the food you’re cooking won’t get the amount of heat it requires, resulting in uneven cooking.

Making a variety of dishes at once

We’ve all done this at least once, and it happens. You may get frustrated when you’re looking to prepare delicious snacks. However, I can assure you that cooking multiple dishes simultaneously isn’t the best plan. If you want to delight in the food you prepare genuinely, you’ll need to be patient and make each dish one at a time to achieve the taste you’re hoping for.

It’s certainly possible to cook multiple meals as if you’re clever about the order in which you cook them. All you have to do is make sure that every dish has an appropriate heat distribution. For instance, when making a cake, put your baking dishes side-by-side to ensure they receive equal heat from the bottom and up. You can even utilize one pan for cooking several items simultaneously.

You can make many recipes using a microwave oven but there’s a catch, but you have to be aware of how much heat you are putting in will require it to be heated and be mindful of the correct timings. If you’re not a fan of the other, keep one for one time.

Broken Control Circuit

It is a less apparent reason and could result in the most severe effects. The microwave ovens have circuits that aid in regulating the temperature and time. The more sophisticated the microwave oven and the more issues its circuits are prone to.

When the microwave oven’s circuit isn’t operating correctly, no foods will cook properly. In this case, it is recommended to take your microwave oven to a professional who will be able to open it and make sure everything is in excellent and good working order.


That’s how you can tell whether your microwave is evenly cooking. You may have to put in efforts to address any issues you spot; however, you won’t have a significant problem for you to tackle. Therefore, I suggest you sift through your oven. If you attempt this baking method, you’ll have an easy snack from it, too.

After all this, you’ll have a functional microwave oven that you can cook mouth-watering dishes with. The only reason you may encounter more issues is when your range is old. If this is the case, it’s the right time to upgrade.

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