7 Things to Give Your Partner Who Doesn’t Like Fancy Gifts

Giving gifts to a partner—especially a new one—can often be tricky. Whether your love language is gift-giving or not, it can be challenging to find something that your partner will actually love to receive. But if your partner is someone who seems to break out into hives when you get them something even remotely fancy, picking out gifts can seem impossible.

You don’t want to give them something cheap, but at the same time, you don’t want to make them uncomfortable with something extravagant and expensive. If this is the case for you and your significant other, here are some great gift ideas for someone who doesn’t like fancy gifts.

A birthstone ring

Now that over-the-top jewelry is out of the question, what can you give to your partner that has the same significance as a piece of jewelry? A birthstone ring, of course! If your partner was, say, born in July, an affordable but elegant July birthstone ring is a memorable gift that comes with personal significance. Aside from the fact that a birthstone is somewhat unique to your loved one, getting an affordable one won’t put much burden on them.

Something they mention in passing

Even the most random conversations can give you a good clue of what to give your partner as a gift. For example, if your partner mentions needing a new bottle of their favorite foundation in random conversation, you could go ahead and get them that item as a gift.There is nothing better than custom mug to get the words out. Not only will this show that you are perceptive and a good listener, but getting them something that they actually need will be more appreciated if they don’t like receiving fancy gifts.

Something for their pet

If your significant other has a pet, consider getting them a gift basket of pet essentials, complete with treats, accessories, and toys. A pet gift basket is such a practical gift for a pet owner, and it will show that you care about their beloved pet just as much as they do. Moreover, they won’t feel as guilty receiving a gift that is more for their pet than his or herself.

Something handmade

A diamond ring or a two-week vacation to Hawaii may not sit well with someone who doesn’t like getting over-the-top gifts, so how can you give them something memorable without spending as much?

One of the most memorable gifts you can give to a partner like this is something handmade, perhaps a painting or a scrapbook full of your memories because handmade stuff is unique and require more effort than things you can buy from the store. More than that, this kind of gift tends to be more memorable because they will attach more meaning to it, knowing that you took a lot of time to make it.

A simple trip

Giving a trip as a gift is a great idea for couples who want to travel—not only does your partner get to enjoy the gift, but you’re also making memories together as well. However, if your partner is allergic to expensive trips that they don’t pay for, stick to a simple itinerary. Perhaps some Whitsundays day trips to go sailing, swimming, or camping among the islands.

The destination doesn’t matter as much with this kind of gift. As long as what you have planned out is something that they will enjoy (and that you don’t spend too much on it), the trip is bound to be a memorable one.

Something practical

Practical gifts are either a hit or miss, but if you feel that your partner is someone who enjoys this kind of gift, go ahead and get them something practical—perhaps a gift certificate to their favorite store, kitchenware, work supplies, or a useful appliance. Pay attention to their lifestyle and what they say in conversations to get a clue of what they actually need.

A hand-me-down

Now, this kind of gift will only work if they actually want to receive something of yours. For example, maybe they always want to borrow a particular sweater or mention how the comforter in your room is much more comfortable than theirs. Of course, you could always buy them the same thing brand new, but giving them something that you own may be more memorable and thoughtful than that.

People who don’t like receiving fancy gifts have different reasons for doing so. Some don’t like it because they feel obligated to do the same, while others feel guilty about receiving expensive gifts. Either way, it can be difficult to find the perfect gift for such a person—but with these gift ideas, hopefully, you can come up with a better answer.

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