7 Things You Should Know Before Relocating to Miami, FL


When you picture Miami, you probably think of bold bright colors, delicious food, and warm sandy beaches that lead to pristine turquoise-colored water.

If that’s where your brain goes, you’re right. Miami is all those things, and a lot more.

If you’re relocating to Miami, be prepared for a feast of the senses. Its vibe is fun and upbeat; easy to enjoy. Whether you’re relocating temporarily as part of a nomadic workforce, or looking to plant permanent roots, here are 7 things to be aware of.

1. Cost of Living & Housing Options

The cost of living in Miami is 21% above the national average which – considering all it has to offer – isn’t all that surprising.

Housing cost is 47% above the national average, and those relocating from areas with more affordable housing may find this a little concerning. One of the most obvious things that needs to be in place, after all, before relocating, is an apartment or home to relocate to.

Because of the higher cost of living and the reality that it’s hard to choose where to live without being there and experiencing it first, Travelers Haven can help you immensely.

They’re essentially a short-term housing solution, they find the perfect place for you (and everyone else coming along – including pets) in your desired location at a budget you can afford.

Using their service is simple. You tell them what you’re looking for – including all the amenities – and they find it for you.

Now you automatically have a home base, simple as that.

When you get there you can get the lay of the land, check out different neighborhoods and homes, before committing to a longer term lease or mortgage.

Because let’s be real: relocating is hard enough without adding contracts and hasty long-term commitments into the mix.

2. Weather

Summers in Miami are hot, humid, and wet.

Winters are mild. With temps hardly ever dipping below the mid 60s, you can get away with living in T-shirts, with a few extra light waterproof layers.

Because of the heavy precipitation, Miami is prone to flooding. The best way to avoid becoming a victim in the aftermath of a monsoon deluge is to avoid moving into a flood zone.

Because of the climate the summer is when most people spend time indoors as close to their AC as possible. But, with beaches and pools galore, there are plenty of outdoor activities you can enjoy and stay relatively cool.

3. Plants Thrive

No green thumb? No problem! Most plants and veggies love this sunny environment. No need to have a plot of land, as balcony gardens are a great place to tend to new blooms and growing veggies. You can even grow them indoors, near some natural light..

4. Bugs

Just like plants, bugs gravitate toward the tropical climate. While most pests are relatively harmless, a bite from a black widow or brown recluse spider should be followed by a trip to the doctor.

In addition to spiders, the Bufo Toad should also be avoided. They secrete a toxic milky substance that causes skin irritation, and can kill pets.

5. Culture

Part of the reason Miami is such a cool vibrant place is due to the culture, or combination of cultures. Many residents are Spanish speaking, and part of the heart and soul of Miami is the incredible mix of culinary traditions, art, music, and other forms of multi-cultural expression.

Residents get to enjoy the wide variety without enduring an international flight.

6. Tourist Destination

Because of everything it has to offer, Miami is a top tourist destination accommodating people from all over the world.

This can mean that at certain times of the year, the beaches are more crowded than usual, the bars and nightclubs packed until the wee hours.

If you’re an extrovert this is a bonus. If you’re an introvert, take heart. You can always venture past the popular tourist spots, and find your own little slice of peaceful paradise.

7. Don’t Mess with the Gators

Miami is home to a bunch of exotic wildlife both on land and in the water. A popular one who inhabits both is the alligator.

These impressive prehistoric looking reptiles pose more of a threat to your pets than they do you, but if you encounter one, back away slowly. It’s extremely rare that they come after humans, but don’t let their stubby little legs fool you. They’re able to sprint short distances on land, reaching speeds of up to 35 miles per hour.


Miami is a tropical paradise. A feast for all the senses, a place that adds color and energy to life. As you can probably guess, all you really need in order to get the most out of Miami is a swimsuit, sunscreen, and fun-loving spirit.

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