7 Traditional Cakes from Around the World

What comes to your mind when we say the word “traditional cakes”? Probably, some vanilla flavoured cake having a regular appeal which may or may not has been topped up with a layer of whipped cream. Isn’t it? But it is so not true! Traditional cakes are so much more than this and believe it or not, every part of the world has its own traditional cake that they are quite proud of. They tend to make these cakes available across all their reputed bakeries, in which one can sit and enjoy these treats or get it delivered along with its cake delivery in Delhi or whichever place, that you are residing. Each of these cakes is perfect to celebrate some happy yet homely affair over and urges us all to indulge in a whole new next level gastronomical experience. Without much ado, let’s get into discussing what these traditional cakes are and which part of the world they are found.

Mawa Cake: INDIA – Every true Indian is a big fan of this milk-based traditional cake which has been further spiced with cardamom and some nuts like cashews and almonds. Mawa is the remains of the evaporated, solidified milk of which this sweet delicacy is made of. It is quite a famous traditional cake that is served across various Irani cafes in Mumbai, Maharashtra. When in India, make sure to give this cake a try, once in your lifetime!

Mochi: JAPAN – Not looks even close to what a traditional cake should look like, but Mochi is quite famous amongst all the Japanese folks. Mochi is a traditional rice cake, more like colourful rice dumplings which are made of water, cornstarch, and sugar. It is usually relished on every New Years’ eve by the Japanese people.

Galette des Rois: FRANCE – The name itself translates to meaning “The King’s Cake”, so one can think of its popularity amongst all the Monsieurs and Madame. Traditionally speaking, this cake is said to be relished just a day after Christmas or during the first week of January. But most of the French bakeries sell this buttery puff cake made with powdered sugar and wrapped around with almond cream all throughout the month

Black Forest Cherry Cake: GERMANY – The ultimate destination for Schwarzwald cake has to be Germany. Germans are quite proud of their invention of this exotic delicacy and thus have named it after their eminent Black Forest Mountain ranges in southwest Germany. Traditionally, this chocolate cake is made of many layers sandwiched with cream and cherry liquor and then, even topped up with some sweet cherry sauce and chocolate shavings.

Revani: TURKEY/GREECE – If you don’t recognise this traditional cake with its this name, we have an Arabic word to describe this delicacy i.e baklava. Made of a variety of sweets of dried fruits, layered pastry, and honey, this is the traditional cake of Tukey/Greece. Though, there are many modifications to this sweet cake, now. Revani is made of semolina and the twist of lemon is given to give it a twist. At times, orange juice is even used to add a tangy flavour to this dry cake. 

Pavlova: New Zealand/ Australia – If you have come across the name of the famous Russian ballet dancer, Anna Pavlova, then pronouncing the name of this traditional cake of Asutraluis or that of New Zealand won’t be much of a problem for you. Aussies and Kiwis have always quite debated claiming this traditional cake to be belonging to their respective motherland. There are many different ways to prepare a Pavlova which is traditionally seen to be garnished with fruits, especially berries and kiwis. The secret ingredient of cornflour is added to the meringue to add a crisp shell which tends to cover the marshmallow centered layer.

Tres Leches Cake: MEXICO – It literally means a three milk cake. This Mexican traditional cake is made with three kinds of milk basically those are condensed milk, evaporated, and regular milk. Further, it has been seen to be topped with whipped cream or Meringue. This Tres Leches cake is a combination of very moist and rich cake, which is quite different from usual sponge cakes.

So, Cake delivery Singapore delivers these traditional cakes, a try when you get a chance! Because life is too short to be trying on and on those “same old known” kinds of cake.

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