7 Ways Silent Air Compressors Can Prove to Be Beneficial for Organisations

Air compressors are pieces of equipment used in many sectors, ranging from homes to manufacturing industries. However, they generate a lot of noise. Compressor noise level can be severe enough to cause hearing loss. Therefore, their use has become limited in urban areas where environmental serenity is a priority.

Employers need to protect their employees from all the hazardous effects of workplace noise by introducing silent air compressors working at around 40 decibels. In today’s era of industrial developments, quiet compressors such as Direct Air’s silent air compressors offer the peace of enjoying a quiet, noise-free working environment.

Here’s a list of seven benefits of silent air compressors for organisations:

Less Noise

In the present world, everything around us generates some level of noise, from loud home appliances to production facility equipment and many more. It is very uncomfortable to work in a noisy environment for too long.

As an organisation, you may want to reduce the exposure of your employees and customers to loud compressor noise by using the silent air compressor. It works at about 40 decibels to 60 decibels, a safe noise level.

A silent-air compressor operates at a stable output air pressure, preventing fluctuations that can lead to noise pollution. In essence, a silent air compressor is your best option for compressors that make very little noise at work.

Easy to Operate & Maintain

Oil-free air compressors are easier to maintain compared to oiled compressors. Because they do not require oiling, they can be easily managed using a product manual guide, even without any level of expertise. They have a Teflon-lubricated cylinder. Therefore, the trouble of constantly checking and adding oil is eliminated.

The start and stop functions are automatic, as well as the pressure sensor and draining devices. This automation allows for a user-friendly and power-saving advantage. Operating a silent-air compressor is convenient and straightforward.

Clean Air

The importance of making the environment uncontaminated enough for everyone to breathe clean air cannot be underestimated. An oil-free quiet air compressor, as the name implies, runs without lubricating oil or any oily substances.

Exhaust gas containing oil molecules is a common feature of oiled air compressors, leading to a negative impact on the surrounding environment. However, quiet oil-free air compressors cause less environmental pollution because they produce clean discharged air. Silent air compressors have quality fresh air, reducing respiratory health risks.

Longer Machine life

Silent air compressors are designed with features that extend the machine life of a typical compressor. Industrial-grade motors are a primary feature of quiet air compressors. These motors contain fan enclosures that prevent the accumulation of debris within the motor, increasing the machine’s life span.

The less often a device requires maintenance, the longer the machine life. Ultra-silent air compressors often possess advanced air stream technology, a feature that offers an extra cooling effect to the machine by allowing air to flow beneath the pump. This effect extends the durability and performance of the device.

Low Risk of Occupational hazard

Noisy environments can lead to accidents. Working in an environment where the noise interferes with communication or obstructs the flow of work puts everyone at risk of harm. Missing an instruction can lead to a significant injury or cause damage to equipment.

A silent-air compressor reduces occupational noise and gives workers the room to focus on work without distractions. For the safety of employers and employees, low noise air compressors are available as the new trend in technological advancements at the workplace.

Enhanced Productivity

Loud noise from noisy compressors for several hours daily can serve as a significant source of distraction and discouragement to workers, decreasing proper workflow. Working in a noisy environment can have a distressing effect on communication between workers. They may miss instructions because they find it difficult to understand speech signals, leading to slow down or a total failure of the project.

The introduction of noise-free compressors significantly improves productivity levels by creating a serene environment for work. Seamless communication makes it possible for workers to operate better towards achieving their goals.

Reduces Risk of Health conditions

Prolonged exposure to loud noise can cause a myriad of health conditions if not properly checked. Several studies have linked loud noise to health conditions such as; high blood pressure, increased muscle tension, sleep disturbances, heart diseases, and heightened stress levels for all age groups.

Employees often develop immediate or permanent hearing difficulties from constant exposure to loud noise. This medical condition is called noise-induced hearing loss. All businesses must consider eliminating noisy compressors and adopt ultra-silent air compressors for the well-being of employees.

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