8 Fun Tours in Australia

If you are looking for an amazing trip with the opportunity to explore Australia’s diverse landscape, then look no further than https://www.bekaaair.com.au/. They offer different tours in Australia to keep your excitement level high and provide you with memories that last a lifetime, and the best eight are:

1. Brisbane City Helicopter Ride

This flight is perfect for those who would like to take their loved ones on a helicopter ride and want something extra. Before your adventure begins, they recommend taking advantage of their Qantas Imperial Airways lounge at JetBase where you will enjoy food & drinks as well as comfortable seats, among other luxuries, while waiting in anticipation before takeoff. Whether it’s for an anniversary, birthday, or just because, Brisbane can be breathtaking during sunset. Once airborne with views such as Mt Gravatt lit up orange against the sky ahead alongside countless stars visible through open windows from 10 floors upwards.

2. Spicers Hidden Vale

The perfect getaway for those looking to escape reality, Spicers Hidden Vale is an Australia-based sanctuary that offers visitors the chance to indulge in luxury and seclusion. With activities like horse riding through nature’s beauty or canyoning off dramatic cliffs into shallow oceans depths below them – there are plenty of memories made here.

3. Wine Tour

Helicopter tours are the best way to explore wine country. Take this one, where you’ll visit four different wineries and taste wines from all over. The longer version includes an early morning start for visitors who want their grapes before it gets too hot outside or two-afternoon flights because there’s no shortage of amazing scenery in Napa Valley.  Check out the best Yarra Valley wine tours if you are in Victoria area.

4. Ocean View Estate

If it’s time for an escape in Brisbane or looking to get away quickly with family and friends, then there is only one place that can satisfy all desires; Ocean View Estates. In the beauty of nature, you will find a haven from everyday life. A 25-minute flight takes visitors right up on top, where they’ll enjoy stunning views over mountains- both natural attractions as well as construction sites.

5. Heli Pub Crawl

You’ll never be able to visit all of Brisbane’s best pubs on your own. This company will take you through the city and show off their local knowledge, with both helicopter tours available as well new zealand wine tourism.

6. Sarabah Estate

There are plenty of things that could keep you entertained during this tour – like hanging out with their adorable farm animals or taking selfies among house alpacas grazing peacefully nearby.

7. Hazelwood Estate

The estate is a picturesque, luxury country retreat that offers guests an escape from city life. The ten pavilions and cabins are built across rolling green hills, each offering unique views of the site’s piece de resistance – A large open space called “The Paddock.”

8. Koroomba

If there are a few hours left in your staycation, then head over to Kooroomba Vineyard for some relaxing time. Kooroomba is a unique wine region, with scenic views of mountains and vineyards. It’s only an hour away from Brisbane by helicopter.

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