8 Incredible Features of Google Maps

Google Maps is one amazing thing that people use to navigate and explore newer places. It is an incredibly useful thing that people can take advantage of when exploring unknown locations as well as the daily routine locations.

But did you know that there are additional features of Google Maps as well? Guess Google Maps provides 19 incredible features that were unknown till now or less used​ to date. However, now you can explore these options and use them for your benefit. So what are we waiting for? Let us explore these features.

1. Changing the Time

Google Maps allows looking up directions much ahead of the actual time. But you should make sure to recite the time once you look up to travel. This allows Google to detect accurate results and patterns in the route ahead of time. Now you can easily track traffic to work to reduce the time of your travel and also to plan accordingly. Tracking traffic is an important feature that Google Maps provides, all you have to do is set the time and then check!

2. Save your Favorites​

Now you can save your favorite locations in Google Maps on both the platforms- application as well as browser and any operating device- Android or iOS. This is an incredible feature that allows the person to save the regular and go-to places. You just have to tap on the ‘Saved’ button and then choose ‘Favourite Places’ and then press add. By this, you can easily save your home, work, favorite restaurants, salon, etc. You can even track the traffic to your saved location like you can easily track traffic to home to estimate your​ time for traveling to your favorite location.

3. Downloading​ Maps

Google Maps also provide an option to download the maps for using them offline while you are not connected to the network or internet connection. Many times it is found that while traveling to a remote place for a place with a negligible internet connection, Google Maps allows you to view and download the maps. Offline maps only provide driving directions, you won’t be able to track traffic in an offline mode.

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4. Incognito Mode

Google Maps provides an incognito mode for those who want to hide their location from history. This feature was added last year by Google. Your activity will not be impacted by this mode, only your particular search history will get hidden. To get the Incognito mode, you have to open the Google Maps app, then click on your profile picture, and finally, you have to press “Turn on Incognito mode.”

5. Adding a Stop

It’s not always that we go directly from one destination to another without stopping. One can stop at a location for any reason, for gas fueling, for grabbing something to eat, etc. You can now easily add a stop to your driving route. For performing this, you should tap at the area near the bottom of the screen and press “search along the route” and you can now add “restaurants” or “gas station” very conveniently​.

6. Checking For Wheelchair Accessibility

Google Maps has offered facility about wheelchair availability for quite a long time, however, the organization has simply begun to make it simpler and to make it more accessible.

It is often observed that people with mobility challenges find it difficult to find the right place with less amount of traffic to travel conveniently. However, they can now track priorly about the traffic as well as wheelchair accessibility.

You have to tap on your profile photo in Google Maps present in the top right corner of the screen and choose “Settings”. Next, you have to click on the “Accessibility” option. Finally, you have to select the option  “Accessible Places”.

7. Booking a taxi

Google Maps also provides a facility for switching between Maps and other taxi apps. For availing of this option, you have to type in the address of your favorite destination and select the option “directions” button and there you can see an option looking like a person waving under available transportation options.

You can even let your family or friends know about the progress or the time of arrival. This can be done by using the feature “share trip progress” and letting them know about your progress of travel.

8. Check for Any Crowded Location

Google Maps now also allows you to check for traffic inside a closed area such as a restaurant, hotel, etc. To use this feature, you have to enter your favorite location in the search bar and then scroll down further. There you will find a section “popular times” with a graph that will indicate the crowd level of that place. This will also help you to plan your visit to that place accordingly​ if you want to avoid crowds.

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