8 Of The Best Patek Philippe Collections – Ultimate Luxury Watch Guide

Patek Philippe is one of the most sought-after and most prestigious watches around the world. Regardless of whether you are a watch collector or a new enthusiast, you will immediately know that this brand is certainly the epitome of luxury watches. Because of that, Patek Philippe is always included in the list of dream watches of many individuals. Having this timepiece wrapped on your wrist is a symbol of elegance.

Founded in 1839, Patek Philippe prides itself as one of the pioneers in the field of watchmaking. One of its founder’s greatest accomplishments is inventing a keyless winding and setting mechanism for a pocket watch. Since then, this brand continued to produce some of the best watches in history. Fast forward to today, this watch house has released a wide range of collections for both men and women.

Different Patek Philippe Watches

You cannot single out a single collection under their turf because Patek Philippe makes sure that each of their designs is uniquely conceptualized. In that way, they will have a contribution to every type of luxury watch that customers are looking for. From Patek Nautilus to their specialty pocket watches, we will list down some of this brand’s notable collections.

1. Nautilus

The Nautilus collection is designed for sporting elegance. It is the brand’s contribution to the wide range of luxury sports watches in the world. Boasting an octagonal-shaped bezel, this watch is built with an elegant combination of precious metals such as gold, steel, and white gold. Wearing a piece from this collection is a more sophisticated way to live an active lifestyle.

2. Grand Complications

Known as one of the most complicated watch mechanisms around the world, the Grand Complications collection is a testament to the brand’s century-long experience. It is carefully crafted with the most creative design by the company’s most skilled watchmakers. With choices of either leather or metallic band, this watch features skillfully-made chronographs and subdials.

3. Calatrava

If you are aiming for a classic look with an elegant appeal, the Calatrava collection is for you. Built with the finest Patek Philippe’s mechanism, this collection is the most charming way to top your day-to-day outfit. Featuring a minimalist dial, this collection is best for both men and women of all ages.

4. Gondolo

Women’s watches have never been as elegant as the Gondolo collection. Creating some of the most sophisticated and posh selection of women watches, Gondolo represents the artistic taste of the finest women in the world. Using precious stones and gems such as diamonds and sapphire, these timepieces are stunningly beautiful and look perfect like a crown.

5. Golden Ellipse

With the perfect harmony of class and style, the Golden Ellipse collection is one of the most sought-after designs in the entire Patek Philippe collection. This model is made with an elliptical dial and leather straps which are not only attractive but also functional at the same time.

6. Aquanaut

One of the newest additions in Patek Philippe’s masterpieces is the Aquanaut collection. This is best for the modern and younger market who loves to explore the wonders of water. It is built with a highly-durable strap that is resistant to saltwater and UV radiation. If you want to explore the outdoors but still want a stylish lifestyle, this collection is the best for you.

7. Twenty-4

A simple yet timeless line of watches for women, the Twenty-4 collection is designed for young and active modern women who love to boast the finest things in life. This collection is very versatile because it can be worn both on formal and casual occasions.

8. Specialty watches

No one can reach success without paying tribute to their roots. Until today, Patek Philippe still continues to produce the best pocket watch collection in the world. It is a great way to pay tribute to their house’s tradition. These timepieces are specifically designed for watch connoisseurs who love to collect rare timepieces. These pocket watches are the best symbol of the brand’s love and expertise in their craft.

Why is Patek Philippe the best choice?

Over time, there have been a lot of watch manufacturers established around the world. While they are all created by various experts in the industry, only a few names remain solid in the business. Patek Philippe is one of the longest-running watch companies in the world. With its almost 2 centuries in the market, it cannot be denied that they have created a legacy far more than what most people will know.

Despite the many competitions, Patek Philippe managed to stay on the pedestal of creating some of the most complicated models. This alone is proof that this brand is the perfect choice for luxury watches.

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