8 Steps to Edit Your Essay

Now the time has come when you write your last sentence and close the essay chapter. And you are sure that you have finished writing your essay. Once you format and include the reference page. You are about to finish your work. Not forgetting that you are to edit your work.

According to thesishelpers.com, editing is not an essential term that should scare you. Editing is just something that some students use a red pen to highlight errors and typos. Editing develops on the main strengths that you have written. The errors include typos, grammatical errors, and also a poor word choice.

One should always go through their work before they can think of handing it in.

Revising vs. editing vs. proofreading

Before we can know the tips that one can use in a writing process, we have to differentiate between the steps involved in writing processes, including revising, editing, and proofreading. These processes are interchangeably used. But every step is quite different.


It is a step that is slightly different from editing, it involves re-writing and writing your content. At the revising stage, one Adds, removes, replaces content, and rearrange content. Revising addresses a bigger picture.


It is a habit that involves the process of editing. Proofreading puts your attention on paper-related issues of grammar, spelling, syntax formatting, and punctuations.


The step after revising looks at how to present the information while editing involves proofreading. Editing a paper aims at making the essay to look easy to read and well organized.

Now that we know what an editing process looks like, let’s find out the tips we can edit.

Read for structures.

You have already written down the content and boosted the places that need a little boost. The time for reading and arrived. When you are reading your work for the first time, make sure you look for the organization of your workflow and the structure of your essay. Take yourself to be your instructor or classmate. Are they able to understand your work?

Just as the process of revising, the first read through your work aims at a bigger picture.

Read for punctuation and grammar.

Let us go through the details of the essay. This part of the essay makes you think the most. Looking at punctuation and grammar, nitty-gritty, and word choice. When reading your work. Ask yourself;

Is each having the correct spelling?

Have you formatted your citations correctly?

Have you used the appropriate vocabulary for your essay?

Stop working.

Once you are approaching the deadline, the next step is “stop writing.”

When you do your work from the beginning to the end, you see nonstop makes your brain tedious. So it is advisable to leave your work for a while and take a break. 

Read your essay aloud.

One must at least try to read his essay aloud. If you have never tried it, do it. Reading your work aloud may look silly the first time you do it. But reading aloud helps to get a few mistakes that you overlooked during your first readings. When you read your essay, you all get another way of reviewing your work.

When you read your paper, your brain gets new information in new ways.


Editing is not supposed to make you feel like you do not know how to write, but it builds on your current writing skills.

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