8 Tips on Choosing a Safe Baby Cot

Choosing a safe baby cot is an important decision for any new parent. It’s not something you want to take lightly or rush into. Many different considerations need to be taken into account when choosing the safest option for your little one. One of the essential factors in this decision is safety certification. But what does it mean if your Cot has been certified by an accredited company? This blog post explains the eight best tips on choosing a safe baby coat.

1. Avoid Drop Side Cot

One of the most important things to look out for when choosing a new cot is whether it has been made with a drop side. In 2011, all cots on the Australian market were recalled because some had balls underneath the drop-side that could detach and risk injury. The safety of these cots was only tested while they were stationary and not attached to a mattress. An international standard was brought out following these deaths, and the use of drop sides has since been limited, and they cannot be used at all on a cot that fold.

2. Make Sure the Slats, and Corner Posts Have Not Exceeded 6 Cm Apart

6 cm is the international standard for cot slats, providing enough space to allow your baby’s arms and legs to move while sleeping. If the slats are too close together, it can be a suffocation hazard. The horizontal bars of your Cot should also not be more than 6 cm apart. The corners of your Cot should not exceed 20 cm either. If they do, it can be a risk of injury for your child if they roll into the corner of the Cot.

3. Avoid Using a Cot That Is More Than 10 Years Old

A lot can change in 10 years, let alone a cot. Cot made before 2011 may not meet the current Australian standards for safety, even if they were initially certified by a recognized company. If your baby cot is more than ten years old, it’s best to avoid using it as a bed for your child and use it for storage instead.

4. Check That There Are No Cutouts in the Head or Footboards

Cot with cutout features in either the head or footboards can pose a risk to your child’s safety. Cutouts on the ends of cot sides mean your baby’s head could get stuck and suffocate them, while cutout designs on side panels mean your baby could get their limbs caught between the bars.

5. Check That the Cot Does Not Have Decorative Knobs on Corner Pots

As you can see in this photo, there are many different types of decorative knobs that cots can have on their corner posts. These decorative features may look nice, but they pose a serious safety hazard to your child. Not only do these knobs increase the risk of injury if your baby were to roll into them, but they also break easily and become loose, making the headboard unstable.

6. The Cot Mattress Is Firm and Fits the Cot Snuggly

Your baby’s mattress should be firm. If the mattress has dipped in it, your baby could roll into these spaces and suffocate. The cot mattress should also fit the Cot snugly. If there are gaps between the mattress and the frame of the Cot, this poses a suffocation hazard to your child.

7. Check Whether the Cot Is Correctly Installed

One of the essential safety features of a cot is its stability. If your Cot is not installed correctly, it won’t be as stable as it should be and can become a risk if you have an active child. If your kiddo likes to jump on the bed, this could destabilize the Cot and cause injury.

8. Check Whether the Cot for Sale Have Been Recalled Before You Purchase It

You can check whether a cot for sale has been reflected on the consumer product safety commission website. This will give you peace of mind that the Cot you purchase is safe and meets current Australian safety standards. You can also make sure it has not been recalled in the past as well.


Keeping your Cot in good condition, purchasing it second hand, and checking that your baby’s Cot meets the current Australian safety standards will help ensure the safety of their sleep environment. Remember always to supervise your child if they are using a baby cot as there is still a risk of suffocation if you don’t.

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