8 Tools to use for Facebook marketing

Today, Facebook is a highly effective platform for generating marketing campaigns and enlarging your target audience. Millions of people use this site to efficiently sell, market, advertise, purchase, and establish business plans.

However, it is not all plain sailing, and there are hazards and obstacles on this platform as well. It’s one thing to want to market your company, but it’s quite another to do it correctly. Purchasing advertising does not always imply a guarantee of success but rather a waste of money.

To do business efficiently on Facebook, you must go deeper into all the hidden opportunities on and outside Facebook to develop a fully functional marketing plan. And this is where I’ll show you some useful tools for you as a marketer to get the most of the Facebook platform while marketing a brand and establishing a marketing campaign.

Let us optimize the benefits of Facebook and establish an effective development rate for your business by utilizing many valuable tools ranging from the finest Facebook downloader to a photo editor and account analyzer.


To keep your fans interested, try to update your wall with intriguing posts and messages on a regular basis. It is often hard to keep track of all the fresh stuff that your audience could be interested in. That is why it is essential to employ a technology that looks for fascinating subjects for your target audience based on keywords, then compiles a list of relevant material and queues it. It is completely free to schedule appropriate periods for publishing articles from a shared list. You may also personalize the postings by adding descriptions, hashtags, and specifying the date and time of publishing.

Video downloader

Have you learned how to save Facebook videos of your competitors or influencers so that you may view and study them offline at any time? Then you’ve come to the correct spot since there are a few of the greatest online Facebook video downloaders (for example, the FBDownloade.net FB video downloader that allows you to download Facebook to any device without the need for any software or registration.


It is most likely one of the greatest options if you want to add a great aesthetic touch to the cover of your posts or adverts. People like images and aesthetics, so don’t forget to create an eye-catching ad cover or select a profile cover. Here’s what will entice the user.

Canva might be useful in this situation. It also provides ready-made designs for Facebook covers that you can customise (add captions, colours, or images) if you like. It’s a terrific approach to attract the user’s attention with a snappy offer and appealing pictures.

Headline Analyzer

Users are drawn in not just by the graphics, but also by the headlines (in posts, adverts, and so on). So, if coming up with an eye-catching title or analysing the efficiency of a constructed headline isn’t your thing, leave it to the Analyser.

Insert the produced headline into the tool, and it will perform a complete analysis: it will analyse the structure, display the amount of words and characters, the headline’s efficacy, and suggest advice or samples of the best headlines. It’s a must-have tool for selecting an appealing and marketable headline.

Rank Signals

You can now legitimately snoop on your competitors by using a free backlink source analysis. Find and gain a thorough understanding of your competitors’ links in order to examine their FB performance and establish a superior company growth plan. You may also search up your removed or harmful connections to make your profile appear well-maintained.

Ads Manager for Facebook

It is a reasonably simple and quick approach to set up and manage your adverts. You may easily construct and adjust the location of your advertising, the audience you want your advertising to target, and assess the performance of your advertising. You may also run several advertisements from a single place, adjust the offer, and alter the target population.

Fanpage Karma

It is a useful tool for comparing your page to a competitor’s account. A comparison study exposes what your rival publishes, when/which posts have created the most engagement, and other useful information from which you may make conclusions about the growth of your marketing strategy.

Fancy Fonts Generator

Assume you want greater integration from your followers, more leads, and more account activity. In that instance, using a font generator will allow you to get more visibility online.

The tool includes over 80 different fonts that you can copy and paste into your Facebook posts, giving your content a custom feel. It’s free to use and even offers a cool preview feature that lets you see exactly how the content will look.


What are you hoping to achieve with your Facebook marketing? There’s probably a tool out there that meets the bill—either a tool built into Facebook’s UI or a third-party application that does the job.

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