9 Awesome Reasons to Live in Wollongong

Australia is home to many incredible places, but Wollongong sticks out because of its unique blend of a sleepy resort town and a modern city. In Wollongong, you can experience all the marvels of civilization that rivals big cities while evading the commotion associated with them.

Nine Awesome Reasons to Live in Wollongong

1) Beautiful Beaches

Due to its magnificent beaches, Wollongong is a great surfing city. You can spend hours entertaining yourself in the soft sand and clear waters, and the sunsets are also breathtaking.

There is a public oceanfront pool where people can swim whenever they want. The continental pool, which has lanes for swimming laps, is next door if you’d prefer to get in some good exercise.

Because the pools are less crowded, you will not compete for an ideal spot. Besides, there is no fee whatsoever to visit these beaches.

2) A Host to Many Museums

Wollongong’s museums and other attractions offer “tamer” entertainment and learning opportunities. For example, an innovative Science Center, Planetarium, and the Australian Motorlife Museum are available.

The Illawera Museum is a destination for history lovers. The museum has beautiful showcases of Wollongong’s heritage.

The Wollongong Head Lighthouse and Nan Tien Temple are also magnificent landmarks.

3) A City of Beautiful Nature

Wollongong is a city full of wildlife, including; 

  •   The ocean
  •   Many bird species soaring above
  •   Plenty exotic plants
  •   Mount Keira, which peers out over the city

The plants and wildlife here give a rainforest-like feel. When combined with its chill city atmosphere, Wollongong is truly unique.

4) Convenient Location

Wollongong is about 90 minutes south of Sydney by train or car and is also close to many other attractions in surrounding areas. You can conveniently access all these places for a perfect day out or a short weekend trip.

5) Opportunities for An Active Lifestyle

Wollongong provides a range of opportunities for residents to maintain an active lifestyle;

  •   These sidewalks have signs indicating the distances and directions to popular locations across the metropolis.
  •   If you ever feel like going for an excellent hike with a view of the whole city, Mount Keira is close by
  •   Swimming and surfing are always options, even during rainy seasons
  •   There are playgrounds where you can slide and climb
  •   Wollongong is the only location in New South Wales that permits skydiving with beachfront landings. The skydiving programs are also reasonably affordable

6) A Wide Selection of Cafes, Restaurants, And Bars

Wollongong has some incredible local specialties and food from the finest cuisines in the world.

Additionally, there are a ton of clubs and pubs with distinctive ambience and menus. Since some liquor and beers are exclusive to Australia, you can always ask your server for their recommendations to sample the local specialties.

7) Pop-Up Markets

Markets occasionally come to town, providing many locations to find delicious homemade food.

  •   Food trucks line Crowne Street, transforming it into “Eat Street” on Thursday nights. Here you will find a broad range of options to satisfy your cravings. Eat Street offers everything, including;

Renowned European desserts

Asian entrees

Vegan hot foods

Organic desserts

  •   One Friday each month, the Wollongong lighthouse provides food markets. These markets occasionally feature live entertainment
  •   Crowne Street holds markets every Friday during the day. The markets provide affordable fresh local produce and handcrafted items

8) University of Wollongong (UOW)

A top university in the world, UOW draws people from every corner of the world. As a result, Wollongong has a culturally diverse population from eastern Europe, Africa, Asia, and the middle east.

9) Free Public Transportation

The University of Wollongong provides the public with free bus transportation. The bus arrives every ten minutes on weekdays and every twenty minutes on weekends and late evenings.

Wollongong lies between the green stretch of an escarpment and beautiful beaches. Therefore, it is undoubtedly a spectacular seaside city to reside in.

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