9 Reasons Canberra Is the Best City in Australia

For those looking for a change in pace, Canberra has a lot to offer in terms of culture and experience without the stressful traffic and crowds. You’ll get all the luxuries of big city living but really feel the difference when you kick back and relax, finding the pace is perfect for health and wellbeing and you have more time to look after yourself, spend with loved ones or go out exploring.

Here are nine reasons that Canberra is the best city in Australia.

1. Family-based Living

A top city is categorised as having great amenities, healthcare, transport, education and livability. Canberra checks all the boxes, making it one of Australia’s top cities, with the added bonus of a slower pace and quiet living. This makes Canberra the perfect choice for families. While it may be quiet, there is no shortage of things to do with museums, aquariums, zoos and wildlife reserves as well as playgrounds, top schools and space to run around.

2. Great Community Feel

The smaller population and like-minded lifestyle and employment trends have enabled a close community to come together in the ACT. Canberra residents volunteer more than any other in Australia as there are plenty of clubs and social clubs to join and share interests for all age groups.

3. Plenty to Do

Canberra doesn’t seem to know it’s a small city based on the size of the entertainment and events on offer. Festivals abound, including the National Multicultural festival, spring festival and truffle festival as well as culinary delights created from fresh local produce. Taste the sensations year round from local eateries and bustling farmer’s markets.

4. Outstanding Education

With some of the best schools on offer as well as top universities, you can be sure of sending your children to a school that has the curriculum and education system of your preference. Canberra is a student’s paradise. You also won’t need to fight for space, there are plenty of school selections and top teaching staff for everyone.

5. Easy Commute to Work

Nothing in Canberra is far from home with a typical 30 minutes drive from one end of the city suburb limits to the other. That means your trip to and from work will be a short one, coupled with minimal traffic and great parking. Spend more time with the family, looking after yourself or enjoying your pastimes.

6. Active and Outdoors

Canberra residents are the most physically active in Australia. Choose to join any of the wide-ranging team or individual sporting and recreational activities or connect throughout the city with cycling and walking paths for easy, fun exercise or get into the National Parks that surround the city for picnics, hiking and camping.

7. Museums and Galleries Galore

Capital cities are the traditional base for the biggest and most prestigious museums and galleries, so as expected, Canberra is home to Australia’s National Gallery and National Museum with world-class exhibitions rotating throughout the year.  You can also experience the National Zoo and Aquarium with the opportunity to stay overnight with the animals at the Wildlife Lodge.

8. Close to Everything

With a plenitude of supermarkets, restaurants, shopping centres and entertainment you’ll have just as much choice for bargains, luxuries and necessities as city dwellers without the headache or stress of traffic and parking congestion. You can also choose to head out of town for a trip to the beaches, snowfields or bustling city of Sydney all within a three-hour drive or less.

9. Sunny and Bright

Canberra has four very distinct seasons giving you the full range of weather from hot to chilly with everything in between along with consistent sunshine and bright blue skies. With as many as 100 sunshine days a year, it’s second in blue skies only to Perth, making good use of solar and great for getting out and active outside.

Make a move to Canberra and settle your family into one of the greatest lifestyles available in Australia.

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