9 Reasons Sans Souci Is an Awesome Place to Live

Sans Souci, located in southern Australia, has it all. In fact, it’d be the perfect place to find your next apartment or house. Let us tell you some of the awesome experiences available and why you should consider living in San Souci.

1- You’re Welcome

No matter where you’d be moving from; Sans Souci has a welcoming, laid-back atmosphere. Australia considers itself a country of immigration, and Sans Souci is no exception. Here your neighbors are as welcoming as the weather.

2- Airport Access

Sans Souci is home to the Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport. If you often travel for work or pleasure, having an international airport right in your backyard makes a huge difference.

3- Your Spirit

Sans Souci has churches of various denominations. If you’re a churchgoer, there’s no reason you can’t pray in the morning and play on the beach in the afternoon.

4- Your Body

It’s pretty commonplace to see people walking the beaches and taking advantage of the trails at the public parks and reserves. However, there are plenty of yoga studios, gyms, and dance academies in the area.

5- Your Beauty

If you’re interested in the beauty industry, Sans Souci caters for you. At Lash Lounge by Alexandria, locals call the services “beauty non-negotiables.” Heavenly Retreat Skin Beauty Spa accepts clients with every skin type but is known for its skin clearing therapies for acne sufferers.

6- Your Social Life

There’s nightlife around Sans Souci, which includes taverns and bars. If that’s not your scene, that’s okay. There are other ways to meet your neighbors here. San Souci has a Sunrise Social, where strangers can meet on the beach and watch the sun come up over the water together. Another such opportunity for ladies is Women of Woolwich, a time for local gals to meet and hang out during an afternoon of fun activities.

7- Your Veranda

Having outdoor space is a part of nearly every type of housing in Sans Souci. It’s probably because everyone wants to enjoy the sunshine during the day and the peaceful, festive nights. Most houses come with porches or verandas, and even the smaller apartments feature balconies. Bring your houseplants and patio chairs. You’ll want to be outside even when you’re home.

8- Your Coffee Habit

Sans Souci is like most other Australian neighborhoods in that it has a thriving coffee culture. Around the neighborhood, you’ll find Paul and Co’s Nutella Hot Chocolate and Cafe Bella Dee’s Turmeric Latte. These are just two of many unique drink options in Sans Souci.

9- Your family

Sans Souci is a lovely place to raise a family. The school district is top-notch, and they claim to strive for excellence not just in academics but in cultural achievements and sports. The activities kids can participate in are endless: theatre troupes, dancing, martial arts, diving, football, and so many others.


Sans Souci is an awesome place to live. Look at the houses for rent or purchase. Look at all the smiling faces. Look at the white sand beaches and boats bobbing along the calm waters. It’s time to get packing and move to Sans Souci!

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