9 Reasons The Sutherland Shire Is The Best Place To Live

Do you know the best place to live in Australia? There is a mix of both peaceful spots and city spaces, and one of the places that you should consider when living in Australia is the Sutherland Shire. Below, we’ve got nine solid reasons it’s the best place to live in Australia.

It’s easy to get to

Did you know that you can hit downtown Sydney in 30 minutes by train? There’s no need to get stuck in city traffic when you can just jump on the train where you want to be. You can live in a relaxed area but work in the city and be close to both!

It’s affordable

Sydney is known to be expensive to live in, but in the Sutherland Shire? You can choose from a range of affordable older homes or more modern newly built apartments. The price is so worth it.

The nature

The Sutherland Shire has more nature than most other areas. Green spaces are a must for some people and given that you’re still in close proximity to the CBD, you can enjoy dozens of smaller parks and tree-lined streets.

Community Events

The Sutherland Shire is known for its family feel, and there is a huge sense of community hereford residents and guests are welcomed, too! There are events often at Peace Park and there is a weekly Shire Farmer’s Market, too.


From the gyms and the activities to be enjoyed outdoors, the Sutherland Shire has a range of activities for those of all ages. There are numerous outdoor spaces that can help you toward your exercise goals, a healthy mindset and athletic activities.

The beach

The Sutherland Shire has so much more than just the green spaces. There is beach access in Cronulla, which gives residents the chance to enjoy golden sands and dunes for exploration.

It’s safe

The Sutherland Shire is known for its friendly neighbours but it’s the family-friendly, safe atmosphere that really gives it the vibe it has. There’s always family things to do and the neighbourhoods are safe and secure.

Easy access to everything you need

The local amenities are easy to access, and the Sutherland Shire is perfect for both families and retirees due to how close everything is. The atmosphere of the Sutherland Shire is so laid back and friendly, too, and there is no need to commute to the city because everything is nearby. Hospitals and medical services are close by, making access to these things easy for those in the neighbourhood.

The culture

The Sutherland Shire may not be in the heart of a city, but it’s no less culturally impressive. The Sydney Opera House is a short train ride away and the Sutherland Entertainment Centre is close by, too. These are being updated so that the locals and those who commute in can enjoy them!

If you are looking for somewhere to live in Australia, then consider the Sutherland Shire. Taking time to visit and see it for yourself is important if you want to make the move!

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