A 4-step Process of How Custom Caskets Are Made – Find the Ideal Choice for Your Loved One

Choosing a casket for a loved one who has passed on is one of the most important items to decide upon while making end of life arrangements. Sure, nobody really wants to have to think about this sort of stuff in everyday life. However, end of life ceremonies are an important way to pay tribute and add some sense of closure to a loved one passing on.

Sometimes a loved one leaves detailed instructions about what to do after they pass on, but many people avoid the discomfort of making these sorts of decisions and arrangements in life. This leaves those who cared about the person in question the most having to make the most difficult decisions.

Some loved ones might prefer a simple ceremony with none of the frills, while others might have more vivid preferences about their funeral arrangements. Whatever the case may be, you might be wondering if it’s better to purchase a standard casket or a custom casket.

In cases where a loved one wanted to be more expressive with their ceremony and arrangements, custom caskets might be the best option. But how is a custom casket made? Read on for a general 4-step process regarding what to expect when making a custom casket for your loved one. Learn more where to order custom caskets for your loved one.

1.) Select Casket Material

Whether you prefer wood, stainless steel, cloth, or a biodegradable eco casket, the choice is up to you. You’ll want to make sure that your custom casket both commemorates your loved one and honor’s their wishes at the same time. Wood caskets will generally run higher in price than stainless steel caskets. When selecting casket material keep in mind durability, appearance, and price point.

2.) Select Interior Materials

Crepe and satin are generally the most popular materials used for casket interior. You’ll be able to select the material and fabric color as well as the head panel design. In many cases you can customize the message conveyed or image included on the head panel.

3.) Select Hardware

Next you will have to decide on whether you would like a stationary bar, swing bar, or a bail handle. You will also choose hardware color during this third step, which usually comes in silver, gold, or copper.

4.) Select Gasket and Lock

A gasketed casket refers to custom caskets that have a protective rubber seal that rests between the lid and the casket body, which helps add protection from the elements. Gasketed caskets will also include a lock for peace of mind.

Custom Caskets or Regular Caskets?

Creating a custom casket is a great way to show your respect to someone who made a significant impact on you in this life. Whatever casket you end up choosing, it’s always best to honor the loved one in question. Once you start to think about what your loved one would want if they were able to make these decisions, the work becomes a little easier. We wish you the best of luck during this time as well as a worthy ceremony.

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