A/C Noises: When Should You Be Concerned?

Does your air conditioning unit make a high-pitch whistling sound or any other strange, often annoying noise? Don’t just ignore and get used to the sound. 

An odd noise is often an indication of a problem with your unit that needs to be immediately fixed by a licensed A/C repair technician in Henderson, TX.

What is the Normal A/C Sound?

Unless you have a whisper-silent air conditioning unit, you would likely hear sounds coming from your cooling system during its operation. How loud the sound will vary depending on the decibels of the unit. 

Air conditioning units have two main sources of sound: the compressor and the indoor fan. Depending on the unit, the compressor can produce up to 60 decibels (dBA) at 50 feet distance from your house – about as much noise as a dishwasher or clothes dryer would produce. 

What Aren’t Normal A/C Noises?

Your air conditioning unit isn’t supposed to make the sounds listed below. If you hear any of them coming from your cooling system, take a look at the unit or call in a professional A/C repair tech in Henderson, TX for an accurate diagnosis and dependable fix.

  1. Clicking sound– This sounds like a metal snap or click similar to what your PC does when it switches on or off. It’s actually normal if the unit makes this noise at the start or end of the cooling cycles. But if it’s constant, there’s probably a problem with your thermostat.
  2.  Buzzing – This sound can mean many things. Your A/C may have loose components, malfunctioning outdoor fan motor or fan blades, or dirty condenser coils or air filters. It’s also possible that the buzzing is coming from a leaking refrigerant. You’ll have to contact your trusted A/C repair company in Henderson, TX to find out what exactly the problem is.
  3. Rattling/Knocking – The cause can be as simple as debris stuck in the outdoor unit or as serious as damaged electrical components. Either way, it’s important to address this problem as soon as possible to prevent more expensive damage like compressor malfunction.
  4. Whirring noise – It could be due to mechanical problems with either the outdoor unit or the indoor blower. There may be a faulty fan, loose blades, a broken belt, bad bearings in the fan motor, etc. Hire an A/C repair in Henderson, TX as soon as possible to keep the problem from developing into a major repair.
  5. Squeaking sound – Some air conditioning units squeak when they start up, and it’s completely normal. You’ll know the squeaking isn’t normal if the sound is continuous or your unit doesn’t usually make that noise. It’s possible that the indoor blower motors or the outdoor fan motors are going bad, or the blower wheel is damaged.
  6. Hissing/Whistling sounds – The hissing noise sounds like air escaping from a tire. It can happen because of an incompatible air filter or a malfunctioning expansion valve.  A whistling, often scary noise that would make you think of ghosts around can indicate an air leak somewhere in the system.

It’s important to get an A/C repair in Henderson, TX as soon as you notice any weird sound, weird smell, or anything that’s out of ordinary from your cooling unit. But before doing so, you might want to conduct a little investigation. As mentioned above, your A/C may make a weird sound if there are twigs, leaves, or debris in the unit. You may want to check for them first. If it’s a problem, clean the unit and you’re good to go—no need to pay for repair service. 

How to Lower the A/C Sound?

Air conditioning unit with a dB of over 60 is naturally loud. Aside from being annoying and disturbing, the noise may also cause hearing impairment. Fortunately, there’s no need to replace your unit with a silent A/C to get back the peace and quiet at home.

You can install a sound blanket over the compressor to muffle much of the sound of the component or install a sound-dampening fence around the outdoor unit.

If you have any A/C noise concerns, you can contact Napps Cooling, Heating & Plumbing for an A/C repair service in Henderson, TX or any other HVAC services. Call 903-758-6482 or visit the website here for more information.

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