A Comprehensive Guide on How to Import Products in Bulk to Shopify

Shopify is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms today, known for its user-friendly interface and powerful tools. One of the essential tasks for any Shopify store owner is to manage their product inventory effectively. While adding products one by one is a viable option for small stores, it becomes increasingly difficult and time-consuming as your store grows. This is where bulk shopify products import come in handy. In this article, we will guide you through importing products in bulk to shopify using various methods and tools.

Shopify Products Import: Why is it Important?

Adding products one by one to your Shopify store can take up a lot of time, especially if you have a large inventory. The process can be repetitive and boring, and it can also lead to errors. Importing products in bulk to Shopify can streamline the process and ensure accuracy. This feature is particularly helpful for merchants who want to expand their inventory quickly or have an existing inventory list in a spreadsheet.

Before you begin importing products, you need to prepare your product data. Product data is a crucial component of the import process as it determines how the products will appear on your store. It includes information such as product title, description, price, SKU, and image URL. You can create a spreadsheet with all the necessary information and use it to import products to Shopify.

Method 1: CSV File Import

The most common and straightforward method to import products to Shopify, is through a CSV file. A CSV file is a spreadsheet that contains your product data in a tabular format. You can create a CSV file using spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. Here are the steps to import products to Shopify using a CSV file:

Step 1: Prepare Your CSV File

Create a new spreadsheet and add columns for each product attribute, such as title, description, price, images, etc. You can use Shopify’s sample CSV file as a template and add your product data accordingly. Ensure to follow Shopify’s CSV file format guidelines to avoid errors during the import process.

Step 2: Upload Your CSV File to Shopify

Once your CSV file is ready, log in to your Shopify store and go to the Products page. Click on the Import button and select your CSV file from your computer. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the import process.

Method 2: Using Shopify Apps

Several Shopify apps can help you import products in bulk to your store. These apps offer additional features such as automated imports, data mapping, and data validation, making the process more efficient and error-free. Some of the popular Shopify apps for product imports are:

  • Excelify
  • Bulk Import Export Update with Excel
  • EasyCSV Importer & Exporter
  • Importify – Aliexpress and Amazon
  • Oberlo – Dropshipping App

Method 3: Hiring a Shopify Expert

If you have an extensive product catalogue and are not comfortable with the CSV file import process or using third-party apps, you can always hire a Shopify expert to handle the product imports. Shopify experts are certified professionals with expertise in all aspects of Shopify, including product imports. They can help you with data migration, mapping, and product listings, ensuring your store’s inventory is up-to-date and error-free.


Importing products in bulk to Shopify is a crucial aspect of managing your e-commerce store. With the above methods and tools, you can simplify the process and save valuable time and effort. Whether you choose to use a CSV file import, Shopify apps, or hire a Shopify expert, follow best practices and guidelines to avoid errors and ensure a smooth import process. You can effectively manage your store’s inventory and drive sales with the right tools and strategies. So, start importing products in bulk to Shopify and take your e-commerce.