A Comprehensive Guide to Window Replacement in Vancouver, WA

Are your windows beaten up, or cracked, or they’ve outlived their efficiency? The team at Lifetime Exteriors, Vancouver’s trusted window replacement company, has the answer to your window woes. Here’s everything you need to know about why, when, and how to replace your windows. Take a look.

How To Tell Your Window Needs A Replacement

The following signs will indicate that it might be time to replace your windows;

High Energy Bills

Are you trying to reduce your energy bills? Have you noticed them being higher than normal, no matter how much you’ve adjusted the thermostat and unplugged appliances? Don’t blame yourself. It might be time to pick up the phone and call a window replacement expert – old windows are notorious for allowing the hot or cool air to escape, costing you lost dollars each day. It may sound expensive upfront, but when you start to see those energy bills return down to earth, you’ll understand why it was worth it!

Difficult To Open And Close

When you’ve got a window that’s been sticking and won’t open or close with ease, it’s time to consider an upgrade. Whether your windows have warped, deteriorated, gotten stuck in place, or simply don’t fit their frame anymore, it’s a solid indicator that they need replacing. The telltale sign? If your window feels like a struggle to maneuver – opening and closing are almost like an arm wrestling match – then you’re probably in need of new windows! So if you want to take the guesswork out of guessing when it’s time for a replacement, just see if your current window has become more of a workout than usual.

Rotting Or Peeling Window Frames

Rotting or peeling window frames are a sure thing sign that you need new windows. You can also try to see if the window seals have water damage–it may be time to switch things up with shiny, new ones! If you’ve opened a particularly stubborn window only to be greeted with a chorus of creaks and groans from the old frames, it’d probably be wise to get new ones before the whole thing breaks into pieces.

Outdated Windows

If your windows are constantly causing drafts, it might be time to turn them in for replacements. If you’ve had your windows since the days of disco and bell bottoms, chances are they might cause more problems than a little 70’s party fever. It could be time to consider replacing those outdated windows with modern ones that won’t let air seep through. Not only will you save energy, but you’ll feel like grooving inside a new idea and giving your home an updated look!

How Much Does Window Replacement Cost

Wondering how much that window replacement might set you back? Well, rest easy knowing that when it comes to window replacement, the cost can range from absolutely nothing to quite a lot depending on the following factors;

Window Type

When it comes to window replacement, the cost is a major concern. Luckily, you don’t need to break the bank in order to upgrade your windows. Depending on the type of window you desire will determine how much it will cost you. Single-hung windows can range from $100 to $400 per window, while more elaborate options like double-hung windows and picture windows can range from $200 to $850 per window. When considering which type of window to buy for your home, remember that the beauty of windows lies not only in their aesthetic beauty but also in their ability to keep costs down.


The cost of window replacement varies greatly depending on the materials and type of frames you choose. If you go for an all-out glitzy aluminum or steel, expect to spend more than you would for basic vinyl or wood frames. You can customize your windows with beautiful, intricate stained-glass designs, but those little details won’t come cheap either!

Labor Costs

And just like any other job, when it comes to window replacement, there seems to be a never-ending range in rates. From the bargain-basement “amateurs” who promise you they’ll do it for cheap to the established pros who guarantee professional results, everyone brings their own pricing structure… and some minor negotiations here and there!

And that’s a wrap, folks! Now you know everything there is to know about window replacement in Vancouver, WA. By following these simple tips, you’ll be sure to get the best bang for your buck. And who knows? Maybe you’ll even enjoy the process.

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