Knowledgehut has brought to you the Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner® Training course to help you get the A-CSPO certification and accelerate your career as a product expert. The article talks about the A-CSPO® certification training course, its benefits, and what all it has to offer to you. So, let’s get started:

This A-CSPO® course helps you focus upon the maximization of business value and optimization of Product Backlog so that distinguish yourself as an advanced Scrum Product Owner through the formal certification. You get to learn about how to organize and manage various different business efforts from different stakeholder of the organization and as a product expert in the firm, you are recognized as someone who delivers valuable business outcomes. 


A-CSPO® refers to Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner® and to help you get certified in the same, this article provides you all the information you need before attending the A-CSPO® training course.

The A-CSPO® course is the best opportunity for you to increase and excel your credibility as a Product Expert in the company.

Now that you have shown you commitment towards Agile framework by getting the CSPO certification, but this is not enough right! You now have to distinguish yourself from other CSPOs as your competitors and must ensure that your job profile reflects the skill set, commitment, and diligence towards continuous progress of the organization. All these questions and there is only one answer to this i.e. A-CSPO® course. 

The A-CSPO is a formal designation offered by the Scrum Alliance to those professionals who attend the entire A-CSPO training course and demonstrate their understanding on all concepts to the trainer. Since, KnowledgeHut is a Registered Education Ally of Scrum Alliance, it has brought to you a comprehensive course that is curated to help you understand all the learning objectives of the A-CSPO course and gain the formal certification. 

Being certified as an A-CSPO® becomes an important credential which helps you demonstrate that you have gained advanced knowledge and skill set on Scrum principles and practices and can guide your Scrum team towards success. The A-CSPO® training course will aid in gaining you the requisite practice expertise and enhanced skill set that you require implementing Agile in the organization through coaching, interaction, facilitation, and team dynamics. 


As the consumer demand steadily increases, Product management has also gained importance in the world. Be it the big businesses or the startups in the industry, the need for a sound product manager holds everyone at same level, which has lead to the increase is huge demand of skilled product owner worldwide According to McKinsey’s report, the product manager’s role is increasing in demand due to the growing importance of data in decision-making process, an increased focus on customer and design, and the recent evolution of software-development methodologies.

If you’re an aspiring Scrum Master, then this A-CSPO course offered by Scrum Alliance will give a kick start to your Agile journey and help you distinguish yourself in the global marketplace.


  1. You gain the experience of Product Owner Core Competencies like how to act as facilitator between the stakeholders and the development team. 
  2. Learn Product Ownership and the effective approaches to scale Scrum across the firm and the techniques required for reducing dependencies.
  3. Get skilled in developing advanced product Strategies and Purpose and practical product planning and forecasting.
  4. Learn customer research and assistance, and product discovery by practicing unique techniques.
  5. Get skilled in Product Assumption Validation and ways to create, develop, and test hypothesis for target customer to deliver business value.
  6. Working continuously with the Product Backlog and removing impediments applying advanced techniques needed.

There are two mandatory prerequisites to attend A-CSPO® training course. Firstly, you must have an active CSPO® certification with Scrum Alliance® and also secondly, you must have at least a one-year of work experience in the Product owner role to earn the A-CSPO certification.