A DIY Move: Some Tips and Tricks

Moving a house is a very demanding task that needs big bucks too. Hiring a moving company is not an easy task and the cost associated with it is equally heart throbbing. Though a professional moving company will save you a lot of time and energy, it may cost you a huge amount of money. So, if you too decide to move yourself, it will not be a surprise but organizing your move all by yourself can be very overwhelming and stressful. A DIY move can be difficult but you need not lose heart as here we present a list of tips that will help you in your move.

Plan Your Move

A DIY move can be easily achievable if you plan your move well. Make a budget and try to spend keeping that in mind. The best out of state movers in the network of Pricing Van Lines charge a decent price. However, you may contact rogue movers who may charge much more than your budget so a DIY move will help you stay within your budget. Do not set unrealistic goals, for instance, packing your stuff in a day may seem easy but is actually impossible. So make sure you start packing a week before your move. Well planned means half done, so plan and execute your move well. Indulge in house cleaning and sort out the stuff. It is important to keep a journal to make a list of tasks and an estimated time taken in each task. Try and complete each task within its designated time.

Stay Organized

Make sure you stay organized throughout your move and for that, create an inventory list. Get rid of all the unwanted items first and then start packing the rest. Sort and group things based on their usage or the room they belong to. Keep all fragile items separate and pack them well.

Decide the Type of Your DIY Move

A DIY move can also be of varied types; Hiring a moving container or rent a moving truck, using your friend’s pickup truck, or packing on your own but hiring a moving company to load and move your stuff. Deciding the type of your DIY move is a very crucial step and you should be aware of all types well. No matter which option you choose, it is always advisable to hire labour to carry heavy furniture items.

Get Rid of Unwanted Items

The size of your move doesn’t only impact the cost of your move but also impacts your moving time and energy. You can save a good sum of money by downsizing your move and all you have to do is to get rid of all the unwanted and/or unused stuff that you do not want to use in the future too. You can consider selling or donating all the unwanted stuff. This will downsize your move and make some money that you can add to your moving budget.

Gather Packing Material

As you are planning a DIY move, you can save some money on packing material too but make sure you get good quality supplies to keep your stuff safe. Consider buying moving boxes from a supermarket or liquor store near you as they have sturdy boxes. You can also buy good quality packing boxes that you can sell after the move. You can also find cheap moving supplies from online stores. Arrange moving tools and equipment like furniture dolly to move heavy furniture easily and furniture pads and blankets for the moving day. You can get these things on rent too.

Smart Packing Tips

The most important tip related to packing is to start early. Do not leave your packing to the last day, start it at least a week before your moving in fact. Use actual boxes to pack things if possible and if not then buy boxes from the right places. You can also opt for smart packing hacks, for instance, you can use your blankets in place of moving pads. Use socks and hand towels to fill in any gaps in the moving boxes.

Take Help

Don’t try to move heavy furniture yourself, call in for help. If you do not afford to hire labour, you can ask your family and friends. Carrying heavy furniture items may lead to an injury so it is important to arrange help for moving heavy items. If you are asking your friends to help, make sure you arrange plenty of drinks and timely food for them. Though friends are always ready to help, it is wise to inform them well before time. You can also take your friends out for dinner after the hectic moving day or can order an online meal.

Label Your Boxes

Do not forget to label your packed boxes to stay organized throughout the move. Labelling your boxes will help you in many ways during the move. You can colour code the labels as per the room they belong to. Sticking labels to the boxes will help the labour to understand which box needs extra care. They will also make your unpacking process easier.

The more you pan, the better results you get from your DIY move. It is important that you make the right plans for your move, collect all the required items and then have a safe and successful relocation experience.

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