A Guide for Travel to Bali (super Guide 2023)

Many people have a fantasy of visiting bali, so in this guide to visiting bali for free, we’ll tell you everything you need to know to get ready for an incredible journey. One of the mandatory stops on every indonesian journey is bali. 

There is room for all types of travelers on this island, whether they are backpackers, surfers, or those seeking relaxation and disconnectivity. It is a place rich in nature, culture, and quaint communities. 

We’ll tell you everything you need to know about the island of the gods in this guide to travel in bali.

Where should I begin when traveling alone to bali?

Free travel to bali is both doable and quite simple. Yet, it is a tourist-ready island, and there are countless excursion possibilities to visit there. 

This travel guide to bali will cover how to get there, where to stay, how long it takes to travel there, and what to see.

Bali has it all, including amazing temples, gorgeous scenery, and endearing locals. Thus, I advise you to “lift” the initial layers of tourism-related debris in order to discover the rich and precious balinese culture.

How long will my trip to bali take?

If you are organizing your trip to indonesia on car hire bali, we urge you to stay in bali for at least five to six days, but if you have the time, we recommend a 15-day vacation. You won’t regret doing it.

I must admit that before my first visit to bali, I had quite low expectations for the place. Still, he enthralled me. It is a beautiful island with a highly traditional culture and distinctive sceneries, despite the fact that it is very popular. For a trip to bali alone, it is worthwhile to travel to another continent.

I had planned an 8-day stay on my second visit to bali. I wished to explore the island once more at a slower pace. Include new things to see, take it easy to experience the minor pleasures of a journey, and enjoy life there more. 

But, owing to the epidemic, our travel plans to singapore and the philippines were postponed, so we were forced to stay in bali for 15 days before we could fly back home. An excellent chance to learn more about the island.

Visit bali and learn a little about the place

The most well-known island in indonesia is bali. Bali is the hub of tourism and trade in asia, sandwiched between the islands of java to the west and lombok to the east. 

It differs from its neighboring islands, where islam is practiced by the majority, in that it has a 90% hindu population. 

Yet what makes this island unique is the historical blending of cultures that has produced a distinctive cultural, aesthetic, and architectural legacy: it is well known that hindu immigrants from continental asia were responsible for its origins in antiquity. The adoption of intellectuals from the island of java later ended up in bali. 

Throughout the first half of the 20th century, it was a dutch colony; today, it is a part of the people’s republic of indonesia, however the former rulers’ dynasty is still highly revered.

Bali is the largest and best-known island, but the province of bali also comprises three more islands: nusa lembongan, nusa penida, and nusa ceningan (which may be easily fled from bali to explore the seafloor).

When is the best time to visit bali?

There are two seasons in bali and throughout indonesia: the dry season and the rainy season. From april to may to september to october is the dry season, which features very hot days and minimal rain. 

The hardest months of the rainy season are often december and february, however this varies from year to year. The rainy season extends from october to march.

I took trips toward the end of august and in march, and both times, I had a great time. The afternoon downpours, which lasted for about an hour, may have been more common in march. This is to say that bali’s weather is typically pleasant and that, ultimately, any time is a wonderful time to visit bali.

Is it possible to visit bali on a budget with inexpensive flights?

Getting inexpensive flights to bali is not always simple. Direct flights with just one layover, typically in the united arab emirates, cost more than 700 euros on average. You may need to make several stops if you’re seeking for a cheaper ticket to bali, mostly in the united arab emirates and another asian city like kuala lumpur, singapore, or jakarta, the capital of indonesia.

Simply enter the skyscanner search bar to view all of the possibilities and locate these affordable bali flight combinations. Before the outbreak, a modest airfare to bali cost between 550 and 600 euros. At this time, the average cost of a flight has significantly increased and is currently around 900 euros per person (i/v).

Purchase your ticket well in advance.

You should book your trip and hire bali car rental well in advance (at least 3–4 months) in order to locate it at a fair price if you plan to visit during high season, which is the months of july and august, or during the easter or christmas vacations.

We took an etihad flight through singapore and abu dhabi on our most recent vacation to bali. Due to the coronavirus epidemic, the return flight from manila to madrid via abu dhabi was postponed. We booked the flight a month in ahead for 550 euros, which we thought was a fantastic deal. 

As I previously mentioned, the best-case scenario price for flights to asia now is around 800-900 euros, but even so, you must consider that the remainder of the trip’s expenses would be minimal.

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