A motivational story from one of the largest pet care exporters!

If you need pet goods and wish to purchase them in bulk for your pet store or pet supply company. Wholesale vendors give you a wide range of choices for any goods you need, all at affordable costs, with a vast selection and accurate ratings and reviews. In addition to this, you’ll see that buying wholesale is far more environmentally friendly, of the highest quality, and has the right sizes. The things you’re looking for will come in a far greater variety of designs. You can save a lot of money by ordering wholesale pet supplies.

How was HiPet founded?

With just Himi and Rainbow as founders, HiPet was started. Rainbow, a factory manager for garments and pet goods with ten years of manufacturing experience, and Himi, who had also been exporting for six years each, they wanted to start something on their own because they were seasoned experts. They considered introducing something that might be fantastic in a short period of time. At that time in our lives, they were employed in the field and felt hopeless and unable to discover a means to perform a “great thing.” They both have a strong commitment to caring for animals. As a result, their shared love and enthusiasm for animals drew them together.

Motivation for starting the pet care supplies manufacturing industry 

Himi and Rainbow sensed a shortage of pet care items since they were so enthusiastic about their animals. Their dogs brought them together. They began to appreciate and grow as a team over time, and eventually, they combined their strengths and resources to launch a pet supply company and become one of the largest pet supplies exporters. They raised the bar for the manufacturing sector and made improvements to the production facilities one step at a time. As a result, they were able to advance step by step without losing sight of their purpose: to focus on one industry and provide solutions for all problems. In this way, they became the global pet supplies wholesale distributor and exporters.

Why is HiPet leading the global pet supplies manufacturing industry?

  • HiPet’s pet care product quality is the finest and therefore it is preferred by customers. People are interested to buy their products again and again.
  • They outsource fabric from leading textile industries in Shaoxing China. This makes them get the best material and in this way, they support and contribute to the overall economy of China.
  • Their customer support is commendable and people prefer it because it is easy. They require a simple procedure of hiring a sourcing agent who helps them in interacting with the company officials and helps them in handling the deal. 
  • This sourcing agent communicates on the client’s behalf and then keeps in touch till the order is received. He takes the responsibility of dealing with legal issues when the order is ready to be shipped from China.
  • The company’s efficient process of customization and sampling processing has always been praised. The options they offer are diverse and they give full opportunity to customize the product as much as you want.
  • The best thing about HiPet is its cost-effective approach and lower prices for its clients located around the globe. They manufacture and produce all products at a much less price as compared to other companies. 
  • They are the best wholesale producers of pet supplies products that most of companies do not manufacture. Their products are solely based on targeting pet care and comfort. They design products in a list of shapes, structures, and sizes. This facility is not available with other manufacturers. 
  • For big supply chains or pet shops that have franchises in different countries, HiPet is the best option as they produce a bulk of pet care products wholesale.

HiPet’s goal is to specialize in one industry and provide all solutions.

As a seasoned textile producer, HiPet strives to offer the highest caliber of goods and wholesale pet supplies to establish a reputation for reliability. HiPet’s staff guarantees high caliber and reasonable pricing, providing fabric material for pet apparel such as clothing, mattresses, carriages, and leash. HiPet is situated in Shaoxing, a city known for its garments and mental processing industries. Shaoxing enjoys a positive reputation abroad for its business climate and offers effective administrative support to all inward investors.

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