A Personal Sauna Blanket Providing You the Real Feel of a Finnish Steam Bath

Yes, you heard it right! It’s no exaggeration. This portable sauna blanket brought to you by “LevelUp Sauna” here in the US, is a fully ‘bag packed‘ infrared heating blanket that you can carry anywhere. It is lightweight, portable, ‘easy-to-carry’ and highly effective. For all those health conscious individuals that were looking to reduce their stress levels, boost immunity and lose calories without stepping out of the house, this is the portable sauna device that offers them the freedom to do so. In fact, one such sauna heating blanket works on infrared light therapy, and is powered by batteries. It is scientifically researched, clinically proven and tested by expert medics. Therefore, no side effects. It is only ‘good’ effects on your body and mind. What’s even more interesting is that you spend a fraction of the cost, when compared to hefty sauna club membership fees.

It is all at your home, or wherever you’re on the go. Carry this infrared blanket with you in the form of a bag, spread out on the bed or on the floor, and just slip inside. Let the blanket do everything for you. Just a 30-45 minute session per day is enough to shed almost 600 calories.

Losing Weight, Slimming, Detoxifying and Burning Calories is Easier than Before

All you health & fitness freaks who were thinking about buying a revolutionary product that would save time, money and effort, here’s something to cheer about. This personal sauna blanket with a bouquet of health benefits is the apt product for a healthy lifestyle, in a minimalistic way. Whether it is slimming naturally, de-stressing, relaxing, calming or soothing your mind and detoxifying your body of harmful toxins, this is the ‘genuine’ product to choose. This sauna device relieves anxiety, sheds hundreds of calories and transforms your body, by making you feel energetic and lively. The most interesting thing about this infrared sauna blanket is that you can carry it anywhere and use it at your home or hotel room. It’s like your personal fitness buddy.

Why go somewhere else, when you can lose weight, slim down naturally, reduce all your body aches and muscle pain at home. This product has revolutionized the concept of healthy lifestyle for average Americans, apart from the celebrities, athletes and business elites that are already using it. And why not, when it helps in releasing good hormones like Serotonin & Dopamine that soothes your body and senses, it’s worth having one.

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