A review of the Rollover Requirements for Slots

Casino bonuses tend to be generous offers for players that can double or even further increase your funds. In this situation that is beneficial for both sides, the player receives extra funds to play with and the casino receives their custom. However, the casino bonus offers do not come free and unregulated – there is a set of terms and conditions that come with them.

Rollover requirements for slots bonuses at are also known as wagering requirements. This is perhaps the most important aspect of a bonus offer. All about the rollover requirements is revealed in this article. We hope to inform you of all the necessary tips that will help you become a better and more selective player. 

How do the Rollover Requirements work? 

Rollover requirements, also known as wagering requirements, are found in the fine print of every casino bonus on the internet. Rollover requirements make the player wager a certain amount of money before they can withdraw a bonus or the proceeds of a bonus.

For example, let’s say you take up a bonus offer where you deposit £100 and receive a 100% bonus with “30x” wagering requirements. The 30x Rollover means that you will need bet 30 times your deposited sum + the bonus, so: 

100 + 100 * 30 = 6000. 

After you make enough bets to cover £6000, you will be able to withdraw your funds. Let’s say you are playing at £1 per spin. That means you will have to make 6000 spins to complete the Rollover requirements. Please note though, that does not mean that you will have to lose all your money. £6000 might sound like a large sum of money but it isn’t that hard to build up a lot of betting action with balanced play. You will win some and lose some and will reach 6000 spins fairly quickly. 

Is it possible to avoid Rollover requirements? 

Some casino bonuses, especially high-value ones, will often have very high Rollover requirements. While they are not impossible to fulfil, it can be quite difficult to rack up the required betting action. Although most casino bonuses have rollover requirements, they aren’t compulsory. There are some casino bonus offers that do not have wagering / Rollover requirements and award you with funds or free spins.

The bonus received with this kind of offer is usually significantly lower than in other, high-wagering casino bonuses. But the obvious advantage of not being tied down by Rollover makes it a worthwhile deal. Anything you win using a no wagering bonus is immediately withdrawable.


Rollover requirements are often implemented in casino bonus offers. They make the player bet a certain amount of money before withdrawal of funds is possible. The intensity of the Rollover varies between casinos and different bonus offers. The higher the value of the bonus, the higher the Rollover requirements will be.

Some casino bonuses do not have rollover requirements. This type of a deal tends to be rarer and smaller in value but makes for a good choice for beginners or occasional players.

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