Add More Fun to Your Life

Misery is a dime a dozen. Your work gives you anxiety, the world is a mess, your home is despondent, and ‘died of melancholy’ is probably what you think your epitaph will say. Therefore, it’s time to change things, right now!

Have FUN

Having fun is something often attributed to children, but who wrote the rule that adulting is to quit on fun. When you are super hard on yourself and not giving yourself moments to unwind and have fun, you are leaching happiness from your life.

What then remains is stress, anxiety, and the consequent discontentment. These problems may also then pave way for mental health issues that require help of the Best Psychologist in Karachi.

Hence, for the sake of your emotional wellbeing, it is pertinent that you order some fun. Not only does it improve your disposition, but having fun also has a good impact on your productivity, health, and relationships.

Here are somethings you need to do to make your life more fun:

Plan events

When was the last time you went out on a picnic or went for a hiking trip with your friends? If you cannot remember when you last had fun, then things are bleak enough to merit an urgent intervention.

So, call your friends or family, and plan a daytrip or vacation where you can set yourself lose.

Don’t always plan

Sometimes, the most fun you have is when things are spontaneous. Planning can also nly take away the fun. Therefore, pick the phone now, call up a friend, and meet for coffee, bowling, paint balling, whatever construes as your idea of fun.

Cheap thrills

Many people are deterred from having fun due to the prospect of spending money but having fun does not always have to be expensive. Enjoy some cheap thrills; go on a drive, have a fun tennis match at the community center, fly some kites in the park. Get creative with it.

Free time is good

Some people might lose their smiles in the middle of their fun moment when they realize they are not working and ergo, wasting time.

However, this problematic outlook needs to change. When you are having fun-time, you are not wasting time. You are spending quality time making yourself happier, and hence healthier. When you are having these moments with other people, you are also contributing towards their happiness, which is a double whammy.

Sitcom for the win

If you cannot find anything else to have fun, or if your fun moment strikes at three in the morning, you can simply tune into your favorite comedy show, and have yourself a good laugh.

Getting jiggy with it

Dancing is a fun and free activity that is also good for your heart. You can try Zumba or workouts designed around dance routines to not only experience some high from the routine, but also have your body serve you some happiness hormone, the splendid endorphins, from all the workout that you gave yourself.

Talk to your funny loved ones

Having fun is easily when you are surrounded by funny people.  Not the knock-knock joke funny, but those with mesmerizing personalities that can bring a smile to your face by just being there.

Be sure to check up on them every now and then and have yourself some good time.

Game nights please

It can be fun to play games with your friends and family. Games like cards against humanity are fun by their very nature, so throw those in too!

Creative getaway

Get creative with your fun time. Doing activities like coloring, calligraphy, sewing, knitting can help ease the tension, and be productive and creative ways to have fun.

Get help

For people struggling with mental health problems like depression, seeking help from their Psychologist in Islamabad is important to heal, and thus have fun.

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