Advantages and Disadvantages of Air Fryers

An air fryer is a machine designed to fry food quickly and faster. It uses fans and a heating mechanism that blows and circulates hot air around the cooking tray to cook the food.

This article shows the advantages and disadvantages of air fryers in Kenya to help better understand the machine before purchasing one.

Every good and bad thing has advantages and disadvantages, and the air fryer has been included. It is a good machine by the mention of it, but how good is it, and what could be the possible disadvantage of the fryer? Allow me to take you through the process.

Advantages of Air Fryers

Easy to Clean

An air fryer Kenya is another cooking material that’s easy to clean. This is because the air fryers use minimum oil while cooking, literally consumed by the foodstuffs one is cooking. You can easily clean up the whole fryer with a soft bristle brush, dishwashing soap, and clean running water.

Easy to Use

Testimonies from uses of air fryers in Kenya say that quitting or turning back from using them takes work once one puts their hands on using them. This kitchen appliance works simply by putting whatever food you want to cook, setting a timer, and leaving it to boil. When time elapses, the fryer switches itself off, just like that.

Doesn’t Take up Much Space

Most air fryers are a little small. They are the size of ovens, can easily be placed anywhere, and are small enough to leave on the kitchen countertop. In case you are worried about your kitchen size, worriless because these fryers are very small and come in all sizes to fit your beautiful kitchen.

Disadvantages of Air Fryers

Like other fryers, air fryers have their limitations and disadvantages, too and are as follows:

Too small for Larger Families

The air fryers might be smaller for more prominent families to use in preparing food. In Kenya, we are well known to have larger extended families. This is a limitation for someone trying to purchase this kitchen appliance.

A simple fryer can cook food for one or two people, but in Kenya, with a family of more than five people will be tiresome work to repeat cooking the same food instead of using pans and ovens.

This limitation can be overcome by purchasing a more conveniently sized air fryer that will accommodate the number of guests.

Burn and Dry Food

Fryers come with different settings and modes, meaning food will be cooked differently from other fryers of different brands.

Also, if you are still determining how long some food will take to be ready, you might get the food over time and end up burning the food, sometimes inedible.

It is vital to be careful while purchasing an air fryer, and read the instructions properly before using or purchasing.


Air fryers have made cooking work much easier and simpler. However, they are limited to families with a lot of people, are pretty expensive and require a lot of care while using them.

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