AFL Futures Bet Markets for Beginners    

The world of Australian rules football has come alive after the Covid-19 scare. People have begun thronging to the stadiums to enjoy this highly exhilarating game. And it’s time for the punters to go on the prowl seeking out the best odds of the season. But if you’re only beginning to dabble in the shallow waters, going with futures bets can prove profitable. For instance, BlueBet AFL futures odds are rather attractive.

What are Future Bets?

Futures bets are placed before the premiership commences on the many possible outcomes of the series. While placing your wagers, you have to consider the entire tournament and not an individual match in the season. Most bets are placed on the teams. Although there are options to bet on single players, these are extreme long shots.

You might be wondering what to do if you wanted to place bets after the start of the season. Don’t worry; there’s still hope. Some sites take futures bets even during the tournament, like BlueBet AFL futures bets. But the odds on these bets will not be as lucrative as before the series began.

Before You Wager

It is worthwhile to get yourself acquainted with the rules and regulations of the Australian Football League. For starters, Australian rules football is quite different from regular rugby. Here are some preliminary facts about the AFL that will give you a basic idea about the tournament.

  • It has 18 teams in total at the start of the premiership.
  • The premiership has 23 rounds, and each team plays 22 matches in the tournament.
  • Like in football, AFL has home and away matches.
  • Only the top eight teams qualify beyond the minor premiership, out of which four make it to the semi-finals, and two teams make it to the Grand Final.
  • The premiership begins in March every year and continues through September.

After thoroughly acquainting yourself with the rules and regulations of the game and the series, you can place bets on these futures bets markets.

Premiership Winner

As the name suggests, you need to predict and place your bet on the team you think will win the premiership. It is the longest and often most lucrative bet that you can go for. The perennial winners of the AFL will have the lowest odds against them, but if you bet early, you can still score a pretty good profit.

Minor Premiership

The team that carries the best record in the home and away league of the tournament gets the ‘minor premiership’ title. To place a bet, you need to predict the most likely team to win the title. Statistically, there’s a high chance of the minor premiership winner also bagging the premiership title.

Grand Finale 

You need to predict and wager on any two teams that you think will ultimately make it to the Grand Final. They can be two favourites or a combination of a favourite and an underdog. The latter scenario might be unlikely, but the payoff will be high.

Top 4 and 8 – To Make and Miss

You can select and place your bets on the teams that you think will make it to the top eight and top four in the premiership. There’s also a reverse scenario where you can bet on the top four and eight teams most likely to miss or lose out of the tournament.

The world of AFL futures betting in particular, and AFL betting as a whole, is vast, with different bookmakers offering many exciting markets. But before placing any bets, make sure that you check their reviews and relevant accreditations first.

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