Ahemdabad: Why Should You Explore Spots of This City?

In most of the cities the people usually get influenced by people who visit and occupy their cities.  It is exactly where Ahmedabad, the hugest city of Gujrat, stands out. No matter it was Rajputs, the Mughals, the Marathas or even that of the British, Ahmedabad has been a place that smoothly adapted changes but never altered its cultural landscape.

If you never visited this city then you should check it out for once. You can book Hyatt Ahmedabad for hygienic food and comfortable stayover. Hence, you can comfortably explore the spots in this city. You know, you know Ahmedabad, as most of you call this vibrant city now, has the forte to co-exist in an interaction of past and present. The place invites outsiders and outside influence that too in the absence of allowing its cultural scenery change. Of course, a few of influences are here and there but otherwise, the city is self-righteously guarding its space, traditions and cultures. Following are some spots that you must visit when in Ahemdabad.

Victoria Garden

In case you are looking for some place to relish a private time with your lover then Victoria Garden is one of the most exciting and finest spots for couples.   This garden was formed up in historical time to Honor Queen of London – Victoria.  The garden is sanctified with lavish Foliage and natural charm.  This spot is open on all the weekdays from morning 8 AM to that of 10 PM. You do not need to spend any money if you visit here. So, if you feel that Ahemdabad  Isa busy city and there is no tranquility then you might not have visited this spot yet.

Kite Museum: A distinct Experience

Kite Museum is a prime tourist attraction of Gujarat and it fascinates a great footfall. This museum is a portion of Sanskar Kendra that was established in the year 1954 as cultural center of Ahmedabad. Like its vibrant exhibitions, the construction of the museum is even a jaw dropper as it was beautifully designed by the well-known architect named Le Corbusier in the year 1954. The concept of this kite museum was begun by Bhanu Shah when he donated all the rich kite collection, he possessed to the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation.  The kite collection gradually grew in huge range and today all those kites are showcased in the museum coupled with interesting illustrations and photos.

In this amazing museum, you can see an extraordinary and discerning collection of kites and kinds of papers that are most of the times used to make kites. The collection of custom-made kites accumulated in the museum are like mirror work kites, Japanese kites, 16-22 cm long kites and even block print kites. The things exhibited in such museums are not just kites but even stimulating illustrations and gorgeous paintings. In case you want to visit the museum then ensure you know their timing. It opens at 10:00 AM to that of 12:00 Noon and then 04:00 PM to 06:00 PM. However, it stays closed on Mondays.

Kankaria Lake

This beautiful lake was built in fifteenth century and was known as Qutub Hojj.  An elegant garden is also found in the mid of lake that is known as Nagina Wadi.  This is a kind of multisided artificial lake and has thirty-five sides.  The gorgeous aura of this lake, melodious humming and even chirping of birds and lavish greenery bordering the place is definitely romantic. You can easily relish boating and adventurous activities here with your partner. The place adds charm and romance in your relationship!

Bhadra Fort

This regal and charming fort was formed by Sultan Ahmad Shah in the year 1411 A. D.  It possesses a gorgeous Bhadrakali Temple that is devoted to Hindu Goddess ‘Bhadrakali’. The whole fort is scattered over an area of approximately forty-four acres. The fort has a garden coupled with a stunning pavilion. It is relished for its lively architecture. You can enjoy a romantic time with your partner at this amazing place.  After all, the place gives you a fascinating sunset view too. Of course, you can take some pictures of your partner or friends and you at this beautiful spot.

Maybe you think that it is a fort and hence it is going to be quite dull and boring then you are mistaken. You can spot people of all age groups exploring here. The charm is that historians visit the place from diverse corners and even the artistic fellows make the utmost of this spot. Maybe the fort is no longer in its original shape and a huge of its construction has withered but it nowhere means that the fort has simply lost its charm.

Vastrapur Lake

This lake is spotted in western part of Ahmedabad. The spot is one of the most attractive sites. It is encircled by rich greenery and stunning views. Here the green lawns in surrounding are generally the most famous podium of diverse cultural events.  Similarly, a mesmeric garden along with intricate stonework is an added attraction. Similarly, the water lovers can enjoy boating. The pathways at this place are spotted with people out for leisure and long walks. You can easily find people of all ages walking and having fun at this spot. The pathways at this place are perfect for leisure walks.

Sabarmati Riverfront

Sabarmati has now turned out to be a prime tourist and recreational destination in Ahmedabad. The city now boasts about a world-class 22.5-kilometer path walkway on east and west side of the river. There are amazing parks and broad roads as well.   It is a perfect spot for a pleasant picnic with family. It includes amazing walkway, gardens, amusement parks, golf courses; water Sports Park and even so on. A leisurely stroll at this place can fill the child with freshness! No matter what your age is, you are going to have fun at this spot for sure.


To sum up, you can book Hyatt Ahmedabad for hygienic food and comfortable stayover in this city and ensure that you visit all the vibrant, inviting and wonderful spots of Ahemdabad.

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