All About Shisha –  You Need To Know About It

If you’re a newbie to the world of shisha, this article is for you! You’ll learn about different types, including Nakhla, Fantasia, and Al Falkher, and how to choose the shisha from shisha shop right one for you! You’ll also get to know how to mix and match flavors, and which shisha to use with which brands. Everyone has their own personal preferences, so make sure you try out as many different brands as you can!


There are two distinct flavors of Nakhla shisha. One is called Double Apple, and the other is known as Two Apples. The latter is the most popular, with some smokers even calling it the world’s most famous flavor. While they may sound similar, each has its own distinct flavor. While both are equally enjoyable, Nakhla is perhaps the most popular. Here are some reasons why. Listed below are some of the most notable Nakhla shisha varieties.

Nakhla’s rich history of developing unique flavors is unmatched in the hookah industry. The company introduced ready-to-use shisha tobacco in 1913 and flavored tobacco in 1988, both of which were successful. In 1999, Nakhla introduced its flagship product, Two Apples, featuring a proprietary recipe of 28 flavors. The flavor quickly became one of the world’s most popular and successful brands in its segment.

As one of the oldest manufacturers of hookah tobacco, Nakhla is a renowned brand. Many consumers enjoy the rich, rounded flavor of Nakhla hookah tobacco. The rich flavor and smooth smoke of Nakhla shisha tobacco make it a popular choice among hookah smokers of all levels. A variety of flavors is available for every taste and mood. For instance, Nakhla offers flavors of peach, caramel, and apple.


With over two dozen unique flavors, the Fantasia of Shisha line of tobacco is sure to satisfy any discerning palate. Their distinctive flavors range from the traditional Golden Double Apple to the exotic Dragon Fruit. The company even offers flavors inspired by popular alcoholic beverages. For those seeking a unique flavor, Fantasia offers a variety of flavors that are easy to pair with cocktails. In addition to their standard flavors, the brand offers icy minty blends of the most popular types of shisha.

Fantasia hookah tobacco is made in the United States from premium Grade-A all natural leafs that are grown in the rich soils of Virginia. Their master blenders meticulously infuse exotic flavors into the tobacco for a rich, thick smoke. This product is also available in 50g packets and is suitable for smokers who want to mix and match flavors. The product has a low heat sensitivity and does not require too much charcoal. Moreover, it is packaged in air-tight bags for maximum freshness.

For those seeking an authentic shisha tobacco flavor, Fantasia offers over a hundred different flavors. Its packaging is very fun, with colorful packages that mimic the fanciful world of the movie. The flavors are not only delicious but also affordable. As a result, you’ll enjoy a quality shisha without breaking the bank. When it comes to shisha tobacco, the Fantasia brand has earned a reputation for quality and flavor.

Al Falkher

When you’re looking for a hookah that’s both delicious and aromatic, you’ve probably already heard of Al Fakher and shisha. Both are Arabic-based companies that were founded in the United Arab Emirates in 1999. Al Fakher molasses combine the highest quality tobaccos with European flavorings to create a truly luxurious smoking experience. In addition to being one of the best-known hookah brands, Al Fakher is also the world’s most popular brand of flavored hookah tobacco.

AL Fakher offers a variety of flavours, including the popular Mint. This flavor is a refreshing change of pace from the traditional tobacco flavour. Mint, for instance, can cause a wheezing sensation for new mint smokers, and AL Fakher’s non-tobacco bubblegum flavour is perfect for those new to shisha smoking. However, this flavour is not recommended for those who ring blow, vaporize, or use a vape.


Al Fakher has a wide variety of flavors to suit any taste. The Grapefruit Mint Shisha Tobacco delivers intense grape flavor with a hint of berry. The Citrus Mint Shisha Tobacco combines the tartness of mint with the sweet notes of citrus. Al Fakher Mango Shisha Tobacco offers a naturally sweet, refreshing, and aromatic experience that produces massive clouds.