All About the Runescape Development and Buying RS Gold

Developed by Jagex, Runescape is a multiplayer online role playing game. The game has been recognised by the Guinness World Record for being the most updated MMORPG. Over 200 million accounts have been created on the game. The game was originally released in January 2001 as a beta version. The game launched a monthly membership service that allowed access to many new features that were added to the game. Some of these features include quests, new areas and items that only the membership holders could avail. The following article shall help you in understanding the  developments of the game and how buying OSRS gold helps you. 

Development of The Game

As time passed, the game started gaining huge fame and more accounts were built each day. Resultantly, Jagex decided to make major changes to the game to make it even more interesting. 

Runescape 2

A new version of the game was introduced that came out as Runescape 2. It had three-dimensional graphics throughout the game. The game then released a new beta version. It was initially tested by paying members. The testing of this version began in December 2003 and ended in March 2004. Upon the release of this version, the old one was renamed as Runescape classic while the new beta version was called Runescape. 

Prevention of Cheating

In 2006, the game made a few changes to the classic version to prevent cheating. About 5000 accounts were banned by Jagex in January to prevent any further cheating in the game. Another major step was taken by restricting access to the game. Only the old accounts could now play the classic version and no further accounts were made. 

Banning Advertisements

A support banner above the screen that shows advertisements was blocked by many users of the game. They did so by using advertisement blockers. In order to prevent the discouragement of advertisers, Jagex introduced a rule that stopped players from blocking advertisements. 

Further Developments

Many more developments were made in the game. In 2007, a German translation of the game was launched. A French translation later came out in 2008. By 2013, Latin American Spanish was also introduced. In 2012, a new feature was introduced in the game. It was known as the ‘Squeal of Fortune’. It allowed players to win items daily by spinning the wheel. A new version of the game called Runescape 3 was then launched. In 2013, an Alpha version came out and in 2014 

How Does Runescape Gold Help?

Buying coins and gold inthe game can help you out in many ways. More than you might have thought. The game allows more money access to higher players. Being a beginner you can not earn many coins in the lower levels of the game. But even skilled players need to invest a lot of time and effort to earn enough coins to unlock new achievements and items. Buying Rs gold allows you to skip the effort and gain access to the most favourite parts of the game and hence you get to enjoy it fully. 

  1. Get What You Want

A nice way to make money in the game involves Bossing and other PvM activities. Having good gear is necessary to be a part of any such activity. That once again requires skills, time, effort and sometimes unattainable overhead cost. But buying the RS gold helps you in attaining that gear you need in no time. In this way, you can easily escape the hard grind and attain what you want. 

  1. Play The Game Smoothly

Some Rs players are busy during the day and can’t play it even late at night. In order to experience smooth gaming, players can buy RS gold instead of farming for it again and again. There are many websites selling cheap RuneScape gold. Gain access to such a website and buy rs gold at a good rate. 

3.Keeping Things Safe

Many players would worry about their accounts getting banned upon buying RS gold. The best way to escape from this worry is buying gold from well-reputed websites. To play safe with RS gold, remember to not talk about it with other players during any game. You should also not give your received gold to anyone in the game. In this way you can escape from getting scammed. Ask your seller about the delivery method. Make sure that the seller has a safe and clear delivery method. Before ordering, compare the prices and the delivery time of the sellers that they offer. At the end choose the best website that offers the safest and fastest services.

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