If one is looking for a budget-friendly up-gradation to their homes, colour tiles are the best way to go! Not everyone can afford to get a complete renovation done for their homes, but they might still want something to add life and make it a happening place. Tiles are the basics ones; they are not that heavy on budget but change the look wherever you add them. Below are some advantages of tiles that might make it more convincing for one to go for them!



Whenever it comes to stains and damage, tile is highly durable. Tile is an excellent standard for developing areas.

2.Low Intensity:

Tile requires less maintenance because it is long-lasting. It will have to be washed just like any other unclean surface in one home. Once every 4-5 years, one should apply a sealer to their tile. Apart from that, there isn’t much to be concerned about when it comes to maintaining your concrete look tiles in excellent condition.


Ceramic tiles are inexpensive, making them one of the most cost-effective furniture pieces. When considering the initial cost of acquiring and fitting tiles and their durability and lack of costly upkeep, it’s apparent that tiles are well worth the investment. Of course, the type of tile one uses makes a difference: more cost-effective and high tiles are available.

4. Resistant to Water:

Tile flooring has a special glazed covering on its top that prevents stain absorption and water damage. It’s why tile is so famous for bathroom flooring. It is also highly resistant to humidity, making it ideal for use as a floor covering in a humid environment.

5. Eco-Friendly:

Glass, sand, and clay are commonly used in the production of tile. Ceramic tiles are frequently made using these elements in combination with other recycled materials. They can also directly influence the human environment: they can lower one’s heating expenses by acting as insulators, keeping one home cool in summer and warm in the winter.

6. Value at Resale:

Installing tile in one home might also prove cost-effective in the long term if one wants to sell their property. There have been several instances where installing a tile floor boosted a home’s market value significantly. A beautiful tile floor might increase the value of one house by thousands of dollars.

7. The State of the Air:

Tiles are burned at extreme temperatures in kilns, resulting in the absence of volatile organic components. It is critical since VOCs are linked to a variety of health issues. Although some other types of flooring (such as vinyl and carpet) emit modest levels of VOCs, none can compete with tiles on even a one-on-one basis.

One might be confused about where to buy the best designer tiles in the best budget, and since it is a one-time investment thing, one surely doesn’t want to go wrong with it. Well, surprisingly, there is a solution for this! Colour tile is the solution to the problem. They have the latest hot trends at the best prices.

Tiles are the best option when one’s budget is restricted but still want something premium. With the perfect balance of chic and pocket-friendly, it has almost become everyone’s favourite!