All Matters of Cheek Surgery, Face Lifting, Cheekbone Fillers.

Round cheeks look cute. Many girls like it. But there are many women who want their faces to look longer and slender that they think of having facial surgery to make their faces look beautiful. But today we will take all matters of cheek surgery, face lifting, cheekbone filler. What do you have to do to have beautiful cheeks that match your heart?

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Puffy cheeks are the first factor that makes a face look younger, more friendly, affectionate, and attractive than a cheeky person. The key to having these round cheeks is our own fat. Self-fat grafting is liposuction from different parts of the body and injecting it into the missing parts.

Fat injections on the face will give the face a three-dimensional and youthful appearance. Use healthy and new fat cells in the right areas and in the right amount. Fat will heal into the tissues best.

Use a device for fat grafting to absorb fat from the body. The fat is then thickened, distilled and separated so that only the pure fat remains, then injected into the desired area. Not just the cheeks but can be used for injections to correct wrinkles of age sagging skin due to lack of elasticity A flat forehead, a response cheek, a low bridge of the nose, etc.

Self-fat injections have the advantage of being easy, quick recovery, and only a small needle prick. so there are almost no scars. The extracted fat can be frozen and stored. therefore can be re-injected without liposuction again

It can also inject fat in every part of the body as needed. This method became even more popular. Especially when you want your face to be more beautiful without scars. It can be used to correct the face naturally. because they use their own oil Suitable for people who are concerned about safety

Generally, the area of ​​the body where the fat will be extracted is the area with a wide skin surface and a lot of fat, such as the stomach and thighs, for example. Another advantage is that it can be performed simultaneously with liposuction. to get rid of excess fat as well. Then injected to fill in the dry part or the part that needs to be larger, correcting both the shape and the face at once. This is equal to killing two birds with one stone.

Fat grafting is the use of your own tissue. Therefore causing the body to be less resistant, safe for side effects and remain permanent Some people may inject fat in specific areas as needed, such as injecting fat on the forehead, cheeks, but mostly for the naturalness of the overall face. Apart from the forehead injection, it is often injected into the cheeks, cheek grooves, including the chin.

However, fat grafting doesn’t help the fat heal more tissues. but instead makes the fat heal into the tissues lower and take longer to recuperate Or it can cause skin sagging or other side effects.

makeup to look young

  1. Brighten the skin around the eyes by applying concealer under the eyes.
  2. Apply bright eyeshadow on the eyelids and under the eyes.
  3. Write eyeliner to make your eyes look sharp. Start writing from the inner corner of the eye along the long lash line, 3 in 4 of the eye, then sweep the long tail of the eye, at 1 in 4 the last part of the eye rim. to create a highlight
  4. Apply mascara to all the eyelashes.
  5. Use an eyebrow pencil to write at the tail of the eyebrow to make the face look sharp and write thick, straight eyebrows.
  6. Apply blush on the center of the cheeks at the intersection of the center of the eyes and the center of the nose. to help the face look more lifted
  7. Apply highlights on the bridge of the nose, T-zone, and cheekbones to give the face a dimensional look.
  8. Apply lipstick to create a highlight in the center of the mouth. Then spread the color all over the lips, apply lip gloss over it again to add volume.
  9. Make-up to look 5 years younger is done.

It can be seen that wanting to have a baby face may not require surgery. Just wearing makeup can help you look younger. But if you want to wake up with a beautiful face, you are a cute little boy. Surgery is a very interesting subject.


when getting older The face will begin to become square and larger. This is one of the changes in face shape due to aging. It is caused by incorrect daily behaviors such as the habit of clenching teeth, etc. It is also caused by the sagging skin that causes the face to be deformed.

As the age increases The chewing muscles grow. Minor behavioral adjustments will help to some extent prevent the jaw from expanding. Just chew less solid food and avoid behaviors that make your face bloated, such as putting your hands on your chin. or the pillow is too high

Hormones that affect aging are also important. By the age of 30, the body’s production of estrogen, the female sex hormone, is rapidly decreasing. And may occur in people in their 20s who are prone to stress or reduce anxiety for a long time as well. In addition, the hormone melatonin, which regulates mood and sleep, gradually declines over the age of 20. When the body is deficient in this hormone. It will cause insomnia. physical exhaustion dry skin The main reasons that cause the body to reduce the secretion of hormones and cause premature aging are smoking, stress, alcohol. lack of exercise Food with additives, etc. If you want to be beautiful, but do not modify the new behavior is useless, you must start by modifying the behavior that makes you old. and add energy to the body

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