All You Need to Know About Makita Grinder and its Price in Kenya

An angle grinder is a tool that is used for polishing and grinding as the name suggests, ‘angle grinder’. Before time the angle grinders were used for cutting and abrasion. It has however developed over time and their discs have become interchangeable and can now be powered either by compressed air or electric motor. However, the angle grinder varies due to difference in the speed.

This makes them have different uses in construction sites and shops of metal fabrications such as removal of excess material in metal piece. There are factors that one should however consider before choosing an angle grinder, for example, size of the disc and motor power. In this article we are going to focus on the Makita Grinder and its price in Kenya.

Makita Grinder in Kenya

Makita grinder is an electrical grinder from the Makita brands used in metal workshops and construction sites in Kenya. They are the best cordless angle grinders ever manufactured, in USA, as they ease accessibility. They are capable of performing any tasks in stone and metal workshops. Although all Makita grinders are the best there are different of them that have different speed ranges thus workability differ. Before we look at Makita grinder price in Kenya, lets look at the various models we have in the market

Types of Makita Grinders

Types of the respective grinders include: Makita GA9020 9 Inched angle grinder that has a speed range of 6000 RPM, a motor providing 15.0 AMP power, different position of gears to perform different tasks and rubber rest protection to protect the tool from external damage.

Makita GA7020 7 Inched angle grinder, from the same brand but different features in working; instead of a 6000 RPM it has speed of 8500 RPM from a motor of 15.0 AMP, has a Ac/DC switcher for use of alternative source of power and a grip of ergonomic soft material that provides comfort while working, a side handle that absorbs vibration for comfortable use plus a rubber rest for preventing scratches and damage.

Makita 9557HNG angle grinder whose features are as follows: has a double insulation that is a unique feature from the other angle grinders, a shaft lock is provided so as to ensure safe and easy changing of the wheel, has a powerful motor that offers 115mm 840 watts and this makes it easier for the tool to be used in activities that need high resistance in heat. Barrel grip is of small circumference for efficient handling.

Makita DGA352Z with an 18V battery that provides the motor power needed for the operation.It has a function of anti-restart and a limiter in electric current and comfortable grips. It has a speed range of 10,000 RPM which makes it the best in the market.

Makita 9237C 10 variable sander, is a tool used for polishing surfaces. Has a speed dial that is responsible to measure the speed needed for the operation, button for lock-on to ensure operation runs continuous, a wire mesh that traps the fibers of wool and dust before they enter the motor and a soft start that prevents flinging off of the wax, paste and polish.

Makita B03700 Sander Finisher 180W that has not been launched yet but in reference to the name it is used for polishing of surfaces as well.

Makita Grinders Price in Kenya

Here are the costs of the Makita grinders discussed above:

Makita GA9020 9 Inched angle grinder- Kshs 14,500

Makita GA7020 7 Inched angle grinder- Kshs. 14,500

Makita 9557HNG angle grinder- Kshs 11,500

Makita DGA352Z- Kshs. 14,500

Makita 9237C 10 variable sander- Kshs. 42,500

Makita B03700 Sander Finisher 180W- Kshs. 15,000


As said before, the best angle grinder is the one with great speed range, so the best grinder is the Makita DGA352Z

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