Technology has not only been limited to industries and the city. Farmers also get to have their say as they try to feed high quality feeds to their livestock. Good outcomes are as a result of quality inputs. High quality silage needs to be cut by appropriate equipment. This is where the silage chopper comes in handy.

In the article more about the silage chopper, its components, prices, uses and considerations will be discussed


The silage chopper also called feed chopper consists of different parts that work together to cut silage into appropriate lengths while treating the silage. The components include;

  • Feed rollers and the feeding unit
  • Cutting chamber and the drum
  • The sharpening unit which includes the grinding door and the sharpening unit
  • The transfer unit
  • The corn cracker
  • The accelerator
  • The discharge unit
  • The frame parts and the engine


There are different types of silage, therefore the need for different cutting equipment. The uses of silage choppers are varied and specific to the silage that theycut.

In order to allow wilting grass silage is cut before harvesting, where it is then picked up using a collection header. Maize and silage consisting of whole crop are directly cut using disc mowers, large blades that bare saw like or reciprocating knives.

The silage chopper cuts wheat, grass, oats and canola silage into 5- 76-millimeter pieces based on the cutterhead or knife and further treated with some additives which include bacteria, preservatives, mold inhibitors and enzymes to accelerate fermentation.

The cost of silage choppers

Silage chopper prices in Kenya are dependent on factors like size, type and quality. Shopping has become easierwith theavailability of online platforms; one can easily find the necessary product information by visiting suchplatforms. You can find the product description, features andspecifications and the prices. There is also a variety to choose from.

Purchasing equipment that you need to use for a long time needs precision and time.  Before considering silage chopper prices in Kenya, take your time and if need be, consult an expert.

Important considerations in selecting an appropriate silage chopper

The amount of silage you need to cut will influence the equipment that you need. If you have larger amounts then you are more likely to selecta machine that works fast and also efficiently, in short,a morepowerful machine than youwould require in cutting smaller amounts

Speed is also a very important factor. In a world that is moving too fast,speed is not only a necessity in big businesses but it is incorporated even in the smallest of ventures. The speed of a silage chopper should be apriority when purchasing such equipment.

The type of silage is what generally dictates the equipment head to use. Depending on the silage whether maize, grass, oats or even wheat, the best measure is to purchase a silage cutter that is appropriate for the type of silage.


A silage chopper can be the equipment that gets the work done while making your work easier. It is important to put into considerations your needs as buyer on the equipment that you require and the reason why you need it. Price may not end up being a major factor if you are out to get the best.

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