All You Need to Know About Sugarcane Juice Machines

Sugarcane juice is full of good and nutritious elements that have seen many generations consume this sweet juicy stem for many years. Theantioxidants and vitamin C found in it helps strengthen the immune system. Research has also shown that sugarcane juice combats against digestive disorders and respiratory infections, and it generally lowers inflammation in the body.

Gone are the days when people used to chew sugarcane by their own teeth, and because of this sometimes you would bite your own tongue or lower lips accidentally. Nowadays it is easier to just take a glass of juice and satisfy your thirst thanks to a variety of sugarcane machines that have been innovated to do the “chewing” for you.

If you are a business person who would like to venture into this very lucrative field of selling sugarcane juice or somebody who likes sugarcane juice and you are probably wonderinghow where and by how much can you invest in the very best machine then this article is giving you a glimpse of what to expect.

What is a sugarcane juice machine?

This is a machine that is used to extract sugarcane juice which can then be drunk easily. It is very useful especially if you have sugarcane variety which is hard to break its bark. This machine will extract nutritious juice fully from the cane and you are most likely to get the best nutrients compared to when one is chewing using your own teeth.

This machine can be used both domestically and for commercial purposes. It acts by crushing the cane and takes out all the juice. It can be manual, electric or both. The one that is manual needs some little effort from the operator where he or she will feed in the cane using one hand and the other hand is turning the wheel which has the handle to enable the crusher do the crushing.

The electric sugarcane juice machine on the other hand is more of automatic. Once you feed it with the Sugarcane it does the magic by itself and within no time you have the juice. There are many types of these machine available in the market and the sugarcane juice machine price in Kenya can really vary depending on the make, type and other characteristics which you as a consumer may prefer.

There are those who like shiny and stainless steel, others look at the color and other look at the make. Generally, there are common features to consider while having the intention of owning a sugarcane juice machine


There are different features which can suit your needs. They include but not limited to

A roller which enables adjustments.

Some have independent button control which make its operation easy and simple

Most have wheels for ease of transport. This is good for you especially if are in business and moving from one point to another

Many are built using stainless steel in order to avoid unhygienic conditions which can be hazardous to human health.

They come in different sizes and weights.

Advantages of using sugarcane juice machine

It saves time

It is easy to use

All nutrients are extracted from the cane

It is portable i.e. can be moved from one place to another

Disadvantages of sugarcane machine

It is expensive in terms of initial cost and maintenance

Some are not made of stainless steel which is unhygienic

In the case of electric, it cannot be operated if there is power failure.


Having a sugarcane juice machine is a must if you are running a business of selling sugarcane juice. It is easier to use, saves time and readily available given the fact that there are so many types in the market. The only hinderance is you. So out there to the market and get yourself one and start making cash money.