Amazing Hacks of Lipstick That Every Woman Should Know

When it comes to make-up, girls can’t resist buying lipsticks! We all have been guilty of buying that one shade we never wanted but still ended up buying because of our never-ending love for lip colors. Be it creamy, liquid, matte, or glossy, every girl goes crazy for the wide assorted range of lipsticks available in stores, online sites, and everywhere else. When you are in rush but have to look good for a date with bae or show up at work, one stroke of that right lipstick shade is all you need. Apart from giving you the ultimate confidence that you wear on your face, lipsticks can also be used for other game-changing make-up look. Follow these steps to know further and make the most of your lipstick.

Different Ways to Mix and Match Lipsticks

As a Blush for Soft and Dewy Look

You want to add that flush of color on your cheekbones but all you have is lipstick. Using a High Pigmented Lipstick as a blush is one of the oldest and most common make-up tricks. Glide your favorite lip color on the cheekbones and blend with a sponge to soften the color for precise application. You can use soft matte, velvety or creamy lipstick as they blend seamlessly without weighing down the skin. Dab a few dots of Lipstick on the apple of cheeks and mix evenly either with fingers or a make-up brush.

Turn Creamy Lipstick in Matte 

A matte lipstick gives a bold statement to the lips with a velvety texture and long-lasting results. And if you want to transform your creamy lipstick into matte, simply dust some loose powder on the lips and you are good to go. Next, blot a tissue paper between the lips and press them firmly. This hack works brilliantly as the tissue soaks all the excess moisture from the lips and increases the longevity of the Lipcolor.

Blend Two Light Shades and Create a Bold One

Ended up buying a lighter shade of lipstick that does not go well with your skin tone? Well, you can still wear the shade by mixing it with another shade. Take two shades similar belonging to the same color family and apply one layer at a time. Swipe one shade first followed by the other one and mix it well. To add definition to your lips and avoid bleeding, apply a Lip Liner on the outer corners before lipstick.

As colored Eyeliner

Using Colored Eyeliner Pen is quite a trend in the beauty world that adds a dash of color to every type of outfit. You can use your Lipstick for another interesting beauty experiment which is coloring your eyelids with Lipstick as eyeliner. Simply take a Q-tip and draw a line on the upper eyelids. You can use the same to draw cat eyes or wings for a more defined look. Using Mattish Liquid Lipstick works better as they instantly get dried and don’t end up smudging or wiping because they are transfer-proof.

And that’s how you can use your favorite Lipstick to create different make-up looks and look great beyond imagination!

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