American Gold Eagle Coin: History, Facts & Cost

Any collector or investor would be happy to have an American Gold Eagle coin in their possession. It is a popular coin sought after around the world for its beauty, value, and historical significance. The American Gold Eagle coin is part of the American Eagle Coin program which is backed by the United States Government. The program just commemorated 35 years and is one of the most popularly recognized coin programs in history.

Here is a little bit about the interesting history, facts, and cost of the American Gold Eagle coin. If you’re a new collector or investor, you’ll want to add this piece to your repertoire immediately.

American Gold Eagle History

The American Gold Eagle has an interesting history that is still being written. The obverse of this coin features Lady Liberty in her flowing robes with a torch in one hand and an olive branch in the other. This design was created by author and sculptor Augustus Saint – Gaudens at the request of President Theodore Roosevelt. The president thought the current coins were hideous and wanted to add some beauty to American coinage.

In 1985 President Ronald Reagan signed The Gold Bullion Act, which set the stage for the American Eagle Coin Program. The first coins were minted for the program and released in 1986. The American Eagle Coin Program quickly became one of the most famous and coveted coin programs in the world. The United States Mint is required by law to strike and distribute enough coins annually to meet public demand.

American Gold Eagle Facts

The American Gold Eagle coin is one of the most popular and coveted coins around the world. It is one of the first and only coins guaranteed by the United States government, making it a solid investment that holds its value. Each American Gold Eagle coin contains one full ounce of .9167 pure gold, which hasn’t dipped below $1k per ounce since 2008. It comes in 4 different sizes: a full ounce, a half ounce, a quarter ounce, or one-tenth of an ounce.  It features a newly designed eagle in stark detail on the reverse, making it a long-time favorite among collectors.

American Gold Eagle Cost

The American Gold Eagle coin can range from around $260 for a one-tenth-ounce coin and up. Collectors and investors must purchase the American Gold Eagle coin from a reputable precious metal dealer. The United States Mint produces the coins but cannot sell them directly to the public. They are required by law to sell to the United States Reserve and other professional precious metal dealers. One of the great things about the American Gold Eagle coin is that it increases in value over time. It is one of the most popular and coveted coins in the world, but it is still relatively easy to acquire.

Purchase Your American Gold Eagle Today

The American Gold Eagle coin is a piece of American history that will enhance any collection. It holds its value as it is backed by the United States Government. If you are a collector or investor, the American Gold Eagle coin is a must-have for your collection. If you don’t already own an American Gold Eagle coin, purchase yours from a reputable precious metals dealer today. You can make a smart investment and own an important piece of American history today.

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