An Outlook To Various Formats Of Podcasting

Today, most people with social networking accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, youtube, etc. are all aware of various channels both in the form of audio or video. Podcast channels have grown significantly in the past few years and are gaining more popularity day by day. But, many aren’t aware of the meaning of podcasts and their work.

What is a Podcast?

A podcast is referred to as a series of episodes of a programme just like a television programme but in the form of audio format instead of videos. One uses spoken words or oral depiction in order to convey the story, information, opinion, etc. instead of visual depiction in podcasts. One needs to listen to a podcast rather than watch it like regular daily soaps or informational web series or television series. Similar to web series, podcasts can be readily downloaded from the internet and listened to. A podcast in very simple words might refer to a radio programme but it’s distributable just like a web series, over the Internet on various platforms.

Format/Kinds of Podcasts

The first and the foremost thing that strikes the head of the host of a podcast show is the format of the show he/she wants to create. Following are the possible formats of the podcasts:

  1. Podcast in interview style: Such podcasts are probably the most popular ones. The host invites guests on the show to interview them with regards to their work expertise and area of knowledge. Example: Startup podcast or Death, Sex & Money podcast, etc.
  2. Podcast in monologue style: This one is also a common style podcast. These are basically solo podcasts with the host having specific knowledge in his area and he/she keeps sharing information regarding those with interesting and catchy themes. Example: Dan Carlin’s hardcore history or flash-forward etc.
  3. Podcast in a conversational tone: This resembles a radio show podcast. The host uses a conversation with his colleague or the other host in order to make it appealing. These might be about some story or usual conversation focusing on a specific area or the likes. Example: Errthang show or Yo, is this racist.
  4. Podcast in storytelling style: Another type of monologue or simply storytelling podcast is also a popular kind. As the name suggests, these are based on a story that can be narrated through a series of episodes. Example: This American life or S-town.
  5. Podcast in theatre style: This is also a type of podcast wherein various characters of a play sit together telling a storyline or playing their respective roles. The only difference would be to listen to the plot instead of playing the characters on video. Example: Welcome to Nightvale or Limetown.
  6. Podcast with repurposing objective: These are the podcasts about pre-existing subjects but just to add value to the content without actually changing the essence and the way of presenting. These might be giving information about something specific. Example Cannabis health podcasts or Ted radio hour.
  7. Podcast in simply your own tone: These are the most versatile kinds of podcasts. One can make any type of change in these without depriving them of the main content. It’s more about your personal tone or invention or creativity. Example: podcasts on your cannabis business.

Anyone thinking of starting a podcast channel or show shall always first look for a suitable format that supports his/her style or the content. This would definitely help in the popularity of the podcast channel or show. One can also look upon the podcast platform on which the channel needs to be launched to attain the attention of the target audience.

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