An Overview of USB Type C

Lately, you must have noticed that the charging port on your newer smartphones has changed. Instead of your old USB Type-A port, there is an oval-shaped port that doesn’t have any particular side for plugging in, unlike the old port. You feel very surprised yet feel happy that how technology is improving. Well, this is the new and improved USB port, the USB Type C. 

What exactly is USB Type C?

The USB Type C, which is also commonly known as USB C, is the next generation of connectors used to power devices and deliver data at much higher speeds than the previous generation. The USB C is symmetrical in shape, which means there is no right way to insert the cable. You can insert it in any way you like, much like Apple’s Lightning Connector. Several other technologies are coming up because of USB C, like thunderbolt port and USB power delivery. 

Why are the USB C cables better than the older USB cables? 

There are multiple reasons as to why the USB C is better than its ancestors.

  • Ease of Usage: One of the biggest changes which USB C brought to the tech world is a universal connection. This means that TYPE C ports can be found on mobiles, tablets, laptops, and among different operating systems like Google and Microsoft. You can now just carry one type C charger or one USB cable and charge all your devices. This has reduced our problems of carrying multiple chargers for multiple devices. On the other hand, a USB C charger can charge a device when inserted in any which way. This means when we get up at night to charge our devices, we don’t need to constantly check if we are inserting it the right way or not.
  • Performance: USB C is considered 20 times faster than normal USB Type A. Theoretically; USB C can reach transfer speeds up to 10 Gigabits per second. You can copy a high-definition full movie in a matter of seconds, which was never possible in the case of a normal USB. USB C has increased the maximum possible charge speed by a huge margin when it comes to charging. Now theoretically, charging speeds can reach up to 100 watts of power. Your phone can charge from 0 to 100 in a matter of a few minutes. Moreover, since it provides so much power, USB C cables can power, from monitors to printers, all with ease. When it comes to monitors, USB C can power a 4K monitor and deliver 4K resolution. This has something which has unheard of before. 
  • Adapters: Another amazing feature of Type C is that if your phone has a type C port, but you do not have a type C cable, you can easily use a type A to C converter and use the type A cable as a type C one. 


USB type C charger is not the future; it is here already and is slowly becoming a very normal thing to have. With the advantages it brings, it will be stupid for anyone not to use it. So come, step into the new future and enjoy the power of USB Type C! 

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